Tuesday, April 29, 2008


No photo, just words today and not very many of those I am afraid.
I am off to dinner with friends soon and I have to finish my little
paintings tonight, at least I was hoping to, but I am not sure it is
possible. First let me tell you about what happened last night. I had
a dream and in the dream I was "cool". Now for a girl that hates labels
and definitions that should not mean anything, but this girl has always
wanted to be cool. Always. Once in a while I manage it, but not very
often. I woke up from the dream feeling very good. What exactly cool is
I have not a clue, but I know it when I see it :-). I don't think you can
learn it in school either :-). I was hoping the dream self would somehow
make me cool today, but I fear that has not happened. Something nice did
happen though. I sparked with a guy. Nothing more than that, I just sparked.
He is the director of the gallery I covet more than any and he is cute.
Not drop dead or anything, but cute in his own way. I went in to bother
the owner, like I do at least once a month, just so he won't forget me, or
my paintings :-) and he was not there, but this guy was. I'll call him Art guy
just in case I make anymore posts about him :-). We sparked and it was nice
and he is smart and gets excited by art just like me. His eyes were all shiny.
I know I just broke up with Mr.B(LA guy) and that I am still in love with the
nameless one, but I can still spark with strangers..:-). Anyway he said he
wanted to see my new little paintings when they were done, so now I am in a
big hurry to get them done :-), so I can see him tomorrow...That is all for today,
I am off to eat and play. Have a wonderful evening everyone.


Em said...

oooh fun... I hope we get to hear more about art guy.

Julie said...

I'd love to hear more about Art Guy. And I hope you had fun last night!

Yoli said...

You are so cute! You are also cool girl.

Annie Coe said...

Yoli-thanks for thinking I am cool :-).
Julie and Em- I hope to have more to tell about AG tonight :-).

Dagny said...

OH boy!!!! Art Guy Eh?? :)

And I hope you had a nice dinner.

And I think you are VERY cool.


Annie Coe said...

dagny, have I told you I adore you, yet today? OX