Tuesday, April 1, 2008


This is Max taking a nap :-). Little devil is so cute.
My mom leaves today and I am sad. I have nothing
going on right now and I am feeling introspective
again. I will write when I have something
worthwhile to report. Have a wonderful week!


Elizabeth said...

Max looks very comfortable!
We are missing our cats in Marrakesh.
Will get to see them next week.

Suburbia said...

Hi I found you on Elizabeths blog. I just wanted to say what a beautiful cat. He is the image of peacefulness , but I guess that's just when he's asleep?

Annie Coe said...

Yes, only when sleeping :-). Thanks for stopping by!

Dagny said...

Wow, yet another person sad when their mom leaves. I can only wonder what that is like. I envy your relationship with your mom.

And I love MAX. LOVE.

Julie said...

Max is sooooooo cute. Thanks for the pic!

And I'm sorry your mom has to leave so soon. I could have handled another week with my mom here.