Saturday, April 5, 2008

Living in the moment

These photos were taken in the yard at where
I work.
Very cheery I thought. Nice way to start
the day. I have been thinking a lot about living
in the moment and freedom. I feel as an artist
and writer it is important for me to be free to
express myself, and to do that I really have to
be living in the now. Sometimes there is a bit
of a conflict for me because I work a full time
job. This makes it harder to move about freely,
having to be at a certain place at a certain time
on an almost daily basis. I have found that I do
have some freedom in the bounds of that structure.
For instance I can go run some mornings and sleep in
an extra hour the next. I also have some freedom in
what I do in a given day at work and within that
job I can still live moment to moment and do what
needs to be done now. I find it so freeing on my days
off to just wake up when I wake up and do whatever
I feel to do in that given moment. I try not to plan
much on my days off, so I have the freedom I seek.
This makes my friends a bit crazy, but sometimes
I do plan an outing or get together with them and
within that plan keep it free and easy. If I had my
way and all the money I wanted I would live my
entire life one second to the next. It is an exciting
way to live and I think it is the way we are really
meant to live. Jobs, family, obligations seem to bog
us down. Does that mean I think we should be irresponsible?
No, I mean instead to do what is in your heart, all the time.
I think you would still be responsible and get done what
ever you have to, but you would be inspired to do
things at exactly the right time and life would have a
lovely flow to it. The last couple days I have been
attempting to live like that as much as possible and I
find I am more at peace and things go easier. I am going
to try and live like this as much as possible from now on.
It is a kind of a game, an experiment of giant proportions. :-).
The hardest part is remembering to do it, but with practice
I think that it will start to come naturally.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Dagny said...

Beautiful flowers. I am jealous.

And I like the way you are looking at things.


Unknown said...

beautiful flowers but too bad we dont have it here :)

Julie said...

What beautiful pictures. Thank you for posting them. They're so cheery.

I also like your point of view. Keep it up!