Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Art of Tea

This is the best photo I could get on my own, the real color does not come out, but this gives you an idea, it is very yummy in real life. If you want to see the progression of this piece see my posts below.
47"x 47", 172 rusted tea bags sewed  together,Venetian plaster, oil paint, graphite and cold wax.
I have been calling it "The Beast" while I worked on it :-), but I needed another name, I grabbed a book and opened it at random, pointed to a sentance and it said "The Art of Tea", I am not making that up.
It is a perfect title since it was made with teabags! The Universe is amazing :-). If you click on the image then click again you will see all the yummy detail.
I love to hear your thoughts.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another Sneak Peek

Most of you that come here know I have been working on a large 47"x 47" painting, I finally finished it after 3 months of intense work, I still have the sides and some tweaking to do, but basically it is done. I have not taken it outside yet to get photos of it, but I took a few quick detail shots today.UPDATE: UGHHH, I can't get a good photo of this painting, I have taken it outside all around my yard and played with it in photoshop, I can't even get it close to what it really looks like. I fear I will have to either borrow a better camera, or get it shot by a professional, this could take a while. So for now all I have are these detail shots to give you an idea. If you click on an image then click again you will be rewarded.
I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Studio Table

This is not a table, but it is my studio and it doubles as my kitchen, though more painting goes on than cooking :-). Seth Apter from the lovely Altered Page blog has challenged us to show our studio table in a mess and link back to his blog, so go here to see more studios. I have included my studio helpers as well, Max my cat and Bella my dog, Zoe has no interest :-). The painting I am working on is in progress and is in no way done. There is much sanding of venetian plaster and tea bags going on at the moment.
The last photo is where it is today.
I also have a tiny spare room where I keep all my art supplies, but it is too small to work in.
To see finished work go to my website here.
Have fun checking out the studios! Thanks Seth!

Friday, September 5, 2014


While working on my big painting (still in progress) I also finished this 12"x 12" Ganesha, I think I will be keeping this one, at least for a while as he is the great remover of obstacles and we can all use a bit of help :-).
Also good news, I sold two more paintings and I am definitely on a roll.
Always love your input.