Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Painting

These photos are not very good, but I did not have time to take new ones as I needed to take this one to the gallery to replace the one that sold. The color is off (too light and I was not able to fix it in photoshop) and a bit blurry, but you get the idea. The last two photos are details.
Let me know what you think. Happy Tuesday! XOXO

Monday, June 29, 2009


They do happen. Yesterday, just when I was about to give up I sold two pieces of art. My new bowl sold and a painting at the gallery sold, so there is a nice check waiting for me. I just wanted to share. It is worth noting that I sold the art after I let go of the need to :-). Have a wonderful Monday and thank you all for your sweet comments on the last post. Off to my job for today. XOXO

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Living the Painter's Life

I have been a bad blogger, but I have had a lot on my mind and I had a ton of jobs this week (yay), so I have been super busy. Mostly I just don't like to post when I am down. Every once in a while I get disappointed that I am not where I want to be in my art career, but then I remember why I do it (I love it) and I forget about the money part for a while. If I did it for the money I would have given it up a long, long time ago. The real deal is that to have a successful art career you need either a miracle (which does happen once in a while) or you need lots of money and time to market your work. So I continue to pray for a miracle. The sad part is that it really has very little to do with talent. There are so many talented artists that no one ever hears about. So, I am done feeling sorry for myself. I do have to find a way to make money doing other than what I am doing though, something more rewarding. I keep coming back to the life coaching thing and if I can come up with the money to take the course to be certified I am doing it. This will also require a small miracle. Since I have been working this week I have done no art, but I do have a painting I finished last week I will photograph and share soon. Today I am doing nothing, but resting up my body and soul. Have a wonderful weekend and please share with me what you are up to? XOXO

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gifts from the UK!

I received this beautiful bag and treats from the wonderful and talented Melanie.
The top 3 photos are the bag, close up of some details and the sweet inside pockets, they have little Kitties on them :-) and my initials. There is a lot of work and hand stitching on this bag. The 4Th photo is of the other treats she included, two beautiful dish towels, a tool caddy and a sweet rabbit with egg. The last blurry photo is my new bag in action, full of groceries! Thank you Melanie, I love everything and I love you, sweetheart that you are.
This cheered me up today so much. Happy Wednesday! XOXO

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cat fun

This is one of my love's, Spike, isn't he wonderful? I am deep in my head right now, trying to figure out what I am doing with my life :-) and have nothing much to share, but wanted to post, so here you go. Smile. XOXO

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Bowl

Nothing profound to share today, it is pouring rain outside, which I love in Summer and I am a bit down which does not happen often and which I do not want to talk about :-). Instead I thought I would show you my latest bowl. Again there are a few glazing flaws, but other than that it is in good shape. I don't want to put anything with flaws on my Etsy site, so I offer it here and if any of you want it just make me an offer (I need money, so no trades this time) and I will consider it. Sorry for the crappy photos, but the lighting and the weather outside was not helpful today. The true color of red is the in the second photo down. The bowl is all handbuilt and measures 3"tall and 5 3/4" round. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your lovely comments and good energy yesterday, there were no sales though, I am sorry to say. XOXO

Friday, June 19, 2009

Stay Awake

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don't go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you want.
Don't go back to sleep.
people are going back and forth across the doorsill
where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don't go back to sleep.
I am fighting to stay awake. To keep trusting and to not give in to stress and worry. I know spirit won't let me down, but being in the world as you all know it is hard when you are bombarded with messages from everyone of fear and nay saying.
Tonight my gallery is having a group show and I am praying and crossing all fingers and toes that I sell something, or many somethings :-). Please send me some good energy tonight.
Have a wonderful Friday! XOXO

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Come walk with me...

I am having some back issues today so instead of a run I took a long walk with my dog, Zeus. I decided to take my little camera so I could share my walk with you. The first two photos are of a wonderful horn toad that I almost missed because he looked like the rocks. Isn't he great! The next photo is my very tired and hot, dog, Zeus. Then we have the dragonfly, can you see him?
Last is a cactus flower. Thanks for coming along :-). I am off to do art now, which I will share one day soon. Happy Wednesday. XOXO

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sharing the adventure

A peaceful life can’t be provided for in a comprehensive way — taking care of the imagined future, for instance, or reaching out to the larger surroundings to insure security and comfort, a certain way of living. How to have a peaceful life really comes down to a very small thing: how to have a peaceful moment. This is a doable thing. -Jan Frazier

This post is my attempt to share my spiritual journey with you. I know many of you are also on your own journey and this post is for you. I also have many readers who don't give a fig about any of it and that is okay too :-). My story of how I came to this place today in my journey would take a zillion posts to relate, so I will try to explain it in a way that won't put you to sleep :-).
Since I was small, say 6 years old, I have known that I have a spirit inside and I have had a deep relationship with it. The last year it has grown deeper still and now I am on a cliff ready to jump into the adventure of my life. To dwell always in the blissful energy that is my soul. I have had many teachers on my way and the one who is helping me at the moment is a wonderful writer by the name of Jan Frazier. She has written a powerful, awe inspiring book called"When Fear Falls Away" The story of a sudden awakening. This book shows us what is possible and I relate because I have already tasted of the nectar she so beautifully writes about. Is it possible to be in a state of love, bliss and trust all the time? Yes, yes it is and she is proof. The most amazing thing is that it is our choice to do so if we wish it. If you have an interest I would urge you to check out her site and her book, it will blow you away. Happy Monday! XOXO

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Award time!

I received the biggest heart award from the wonderful KJ and the lovely blog award from the talented Gypsy Moon. Thank you both so much for thinking of me. A girl can't have too many awards!
I pass the biggest heart award to:
And I pass on the lovely blog award to:
I know many of you already have these awards, but if you don't please snag them here, I love you all and each of you deserves both the awards.
Updates: My cousin is very brave and will be spending his time traveling and seeing people he loves. He is amazing and I send him loads of love. Mom is having a hard time in assisted living, please keep her in your prayers. I am off to paint (things are going better now that I am relaxed about it :-). Happy weekend! XOXO

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Message from the Universe

The following is my note for the day from the Universe:
Anne, it's supposed to be easy. Everything is supposed to be easy.Everything is easy. You live in a dream world. You're surrounded by illusions.And the illusions change when you change your thinking!Tell yourself it's easy. Tell yourself often. Make it a mantra. Eat, sleep,and breathe it. And your life shall be transformed.
It's supposed to be easy,
The Universe
I don't know about you, but I really needed this message today. Lately my painting has been falling short and then I ruined two mugs I tried to make yesterday, this scares me a bit because usually things flow very well with the art. And I have received no calls so far this week for jobs. I refuse to let any of this get me down as I have family who are in much worse shape, so I am counting my blessings, but this message lifted me up and I am ready to go tackle the clay again today and be lighthearted about it, yesterday I was all serious like my life depended on making the perfect mug :-). How silly is that? Hope this helps you today too. XOXO

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Updates and a thank you to everyone

Thank you all who have been praying for my mom and cousin.
All the lovely comments are very appreciated. Mom is being
moved to assisted living today and will be able to go home after
she is able to walk better. She has a lot of pain, but she is getting
better everyday and I am very grateful for that.
I have been sitting with my sadness and anxiousness instead of
pushing it away and when I do that, it moves swiftly through me
and I am able to let go of worry. Still watching the funny movies too :-).
I have finished Erin's painting and will show photos after she receives it.
I have not touched clay for a few weeks and have been dreaming of it
nearly every night, so today I am going to follow my bliss and make
something, a mug, a bowl, not sure yet.
The two bowls I showed you a couple weeks ago have found homes!
One has made it's way to Diantha and one is on it's way to the UK
in a trade with Melanie. This makes me happier than I can express :-).
I am off to play. Keep the prayers coming. Love you, XOXO

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Call for positive thoughts and prayers

This has been a rough week, not for me, but for some people that I love. My mom who is still recovering from surgery and a bout with lung cancer, fell yesterday, tripped on a curb and went unconscious. Luckily there was a doctor in the parking lot and she was rushed to the hospital.
She has a bad gash on her forehead, a black eye and a fractured pelvis. This fall may set her recovery back a bit and while she should be fine, I know she is in pain and not very happy right now, so some good thoughts and well wishes would make her feel a bit better.
Also an update on a relative, I don't want to say much because they may not have told others about it yet, but they had cancer and it was removed, but it has come back and likely won't be leaving this time, please send a prayer out for them.
All of this makes me anxious and sad, but I am trying to go to my calm, happy place and one way I do that is I rent funny movies and do fun things and I meditate. What do you do when you need a break from some of the world weary things that happen? Thanks for your good thoughts.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Adventure in Trust

This life I am living is turning into something I never dreamed nor even thought of.
A life lived moment to moment (as it should be)accepting whatever comes and falling in love with it on a daily basis. Is there stress? Yes, if I allow myself to worry and listen to the stories my mind cooks up. Do I give in to stress? Sometimes, but less and less as I trust more and more.
What exactly am I trusting? First, I trust spirit, I trust the direction I get from spirit and I trust myself. Just as all jobs were done, and bills were paid, I got a little nervous because I had nothing scheduled and knew what little I had left would not last long. Then like clockwork I got three calls for jobs. The phone is silent for two weeks then three calls in one day :-). And the best part is that I have a lot more wonderful time to do my art and play and visit friends. I am more able to live in the now and trust more everyday. When I start to get nervous I ask myself if after 53 years of being superbly taken care of, spirit would suddenly take time off :-).
How much do you trust? Any stories to tell about how trust and bravery paid off?
Happy Tuesday! XOXO

Monday, June 1, 2009

Animal Love

I thought it was time to share some photos of my beautiful animal boys. First up are
Spike and Max, sleeping so sweetly together, the next two are Mr.B and Spike involved in synchronized sleeping :-). Last, but never least is my wonderful dog Zeus after a short run.
I promise a real post soon! Happy Monday. XOXO