Thursday, April 3, 2008


I had no intention of posting today, but then
I sometimes like to go with the flow and I felt
inspired. Not that I have anything important
to say, except I am so happy to be a blogger.
I have many friends and many family members
who do not understand this blogging thing at all.
Some of them put it down and make judgements
about it without even reading a blog. Very short
sighted wouldn't you say? I love having people from
all over the world, England, Africa, Poland, coming
to visit and reading my blog. I love it even more when
they leave comments :-). I may not know most of you,
but I know I like you, a lot. I think I would be friends
with many of you if we were to meet outside in the real
world. Many people think blogging is a waste of time, well
I have no television and I spend about an hour or so
blogging at most in a given day. It helps me with my
writing a great deal and it gives me feedback on my
paintings. People leave kind and supportive comments.
I learn lots of wonderful stuff on blogs. From my
perspective I can see no down side to blogging.
I love you bloggers and even you non bloggers.
Thanks for being there :-). And for some of you I leave
this lovely photo of Viggo, yes, another Viggo photo.
I can't help myself :-). Photo by Terry Richardson.


Unknown said...

Dear Annie, if i want to post anything about how i feel about blogging, it will be exactly how you have written this post...isnt it so wonderful to know so many beautiful people and learn so many things, happy weekend :)

Dagny said...

Much love back to you Annie.


Julie said...

Hugs and air kisses, and yum to the photo.


Paula In Pinetop said...

Oh that Viggo, such a hottie.