Friday, April 18, 2008


I have used this image before, but I am using it again because I feel like it :-). The photo is taken of part of an art book project I did many moons ago. Love is on my mind today. There are many people whom I love and one whom I am in love with(though I don't think he knows about it) and I want you all to know that I love you, that includes all my friends, family, the nameless one, and all my new blogger friends who are all so supportive and kind. I even love the lurkers. I know I should tell the nameless one I love him, but we are friends and he is not interested(I think) and I value the friendship too much to scare him away. As for Mr. B, I do love him, but it is over, really done and is not going to happen. I did not want to move to LA anyway :-). (for those of you new to the blog Mr. B lives in LA). Now I will start to ramble if I keep writing, so I am done for today. It is my day off, so I am going on a long run and then I may or may not be inspired to clean my house :-). Have a wonderful Friday.

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Dagny said...

Much love to you this weekend.