Thursday, July 29, 2010

Special Deal (Christmas in July)

This is the deal, last year some of you inquired about me making you custom made ornaments
for Christmas. However, there was not near enough time to do so, so this year I am starting way early (in anticipation of many orders :-).
I do stars and hearts (all handmade with Porcelain clay, hung on ribbon, to see more examples go to my ETSY shop and click on sold items) and I can put any name that does not go over 8 letters and I can do up to three names or words on each ornament. I can do the words in red, blue , black or green. If you want something really special we can talk. The price for custom made ornaments will be $10.00 for one, $19.50 for 2, $29.50 for 3 and $39.00 for 4, more than that and I will sell them for $9.50 each (shipping costs vary and are not included in price). If they will be a gift, I can gift wrap also. For all my bloggers I will throw in a 5% discount on all items ordered. If you want to go through paypal, after the item is made I will list it on my ETSY site and reserve it in your name, or if you prefer paying by check I can do that too. If you are interested in this please email me at:anniecoeartist(at)peoplepc(dot)com, the sooner I get the order, the sooner I can get them done, it takes about 6 weeks start to finish and that does not allow for breakage, which is always a possibility. You don't have to pay until they are completed, I trust all of you :-). I know it is hard to think about Christmas this early, but in this case it is a must. I will also be making lots of my small wall hangings and can do a custom order for them too, and also mugs, cups, even a bowl, not sure what the cost of those would be yet, just email me if you have an idea and I will tell you if I can do it or not.
Happy Thursday! XOXO

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random Randomness

More photos from my trip, the top one are beautiful roses from my mom's yard.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 26, 2010


I took these cloud photos from the plane when we were flying so close I felt I could touch them, I just love flying into clouds, don't you? Happy Monday! XOXO

Friday, July 23, 2010


I'm home, and tired and emotionally overwhelmed, but I am happy and I will regain my energy soon. I had trouble sleeping at my mom's, cities are very noisy and my house is very quiet.
My mom is getting better daily and as she does not like it if I say too much about my family on this blog, I will just leave it at that, the doctors are amazed at how fast she is improving. Thank you all so much for your prayers (keep them coming).
I took many photos, and will share the best ones here over the next week.
These are photos of the Oregon coast, taken on two different days, one was sunny, but the wind was terrible, the other day overcast, but much more calm. I also did these little videos, one of a crow and one of the spot I was standing, the ocean was way too loud to try and do a voice over.
Not the best video, but it was very hard to see what I was taking photos of without my glasses
:-). It does give you an idea of what it looks like there.
I missed you all so much and I will be catching up on your blogs in the next week.
Love. xoxo

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some of my Favorite Things...And Leaving on a Jet Plane

(I could find no name to credit this photo with, but here is the link to where I got it:
Go Here).
Most of you probably don't know that I am a HUGE Jimmy Buffett fan. I met him after a show when I was a teenager and he was darling. His songs cheered me up when I was young though many dark days, he saved me, really from being a very depressed person, and I would say he started me on my spiritual journey, though he may laugh if he heard me say that. It is the joy and humor in his songs that spoke to me and his deep love of the sea. I was at a client's house today and happened upon a concert he was giving for free on the Gulf Coast, I have not listened to Jimmy for years, but this show reminded me why I love him so. I just read his profile on his MySpace page and it is simple words like this from Jimmy:"You have to take the best from whatever the situation is and go on. That's the whole point of the music to me." Read more:, that helped me so much when I was young. I love you Jimmy and I always will. I was a parrothead before there were parrotheads :-).
I am leaving for Portland Oregon, and this is my last post for a while. I will possibly post a few times while there, and I will visit your blogs if I can, but my time there will be spent helping my mom, so if I don't visit you for a while, know that I am thinking of you. Peace and Love.
Prayers and happy thoughts appreciated. XOXO

Thursday, July 8, 2010

So, About that Dream Job...

Remember that dream job I told you I was offered? This is what happened: Everyone I knew thought I should take it, I looked at all the positives of the job and there were many. It was a position as director of the best gallery in town. Many years ago I dreamed of this job. So, I felt in a way I had to take it, I would be stupid to not give it a shot, but in my heart I really no longer wanted the job. I went to talk to the owner yesterday and he told me out of ten people I was in the top 3, really as it turned out I was #2. I told him I would sleep on it and gave him a YES this morning. He thought about it all day and finally gave it to the other person because they were a bit more aggressive(and he is right, aggressive is not something I am). And you know what? I am happy! I was only going after it because I felt I SHOULD, I tried to make myself believe it would be fun, and I am sure I could have made it fun and it would have been fine, but you know what? I am a PAINTER first. The lowly jobs I do now, give me more time and freedom to do my real work, the work of being an artist. I told the owner that he had made the very best choice. He went with his intuition and he must have seen that my heart was not in it. I am glad that I did not let fear stop me from going for it, I needed to know that I would not shy away from the challenge, but I am also glad and relieved that I don't have to do it, the Universe knew what I really wanted, in my heart. I work hard, but I also love all of my clients very much and that can't be bad. And besides I know that one day soon, my art will support me. So I am thankful this Thursday that I did not get the job :-). Blessings sometimes disguise themselves as disappointments. Happy Thursday! XOXO

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Painting and more Miracles

(Click to enlarge)
I finished this painting over the weekend. These are such different colors for me, but I really like it. 12"x 12", Venetian plaster and pigment on board. I think the title is "Joy Ride" Let me know what you think.
In other news, a miracle happened today. I was at the Vets buying SubQ fluids for Spike and I asked the Vet Tech if they knew of any pet-sitters. She said no, I asked if any of the Vet Techs would do it, and she said she would! I actually got what I wanted! Spike will get his fluids at home and won't have to go to the Vet and she will know all the danger signs if Spike were to go into kidney failure again. How perfect is that! All my boys will get the best of care and I can now go see my mom and be okay with it.
I never heard from the other Vet Tech, but somehow I felt very calm about it all, and now I know why.
By the way I did "The Process" on this for the last two days. See post below.
Have I told you all lately how much I appreciate you? I do. Love. ♥ XOXO

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Dream (Now for Something Completely Different)

If you have been reading my blog for the last few months and paid attention, you will remember that a couple months ago I bought a book called "Busting Loose From the Money Game" by Robert Scheinfeld. Since that time many things have happened to make me feel that the theories in this book are true. They are wild and they sound very far out in left field, but I always judge something by how it works, I am open minded enough to try things on for size. Many of you will leave this blog right now as you are not interested, and that is fine, I am writing this for the ones who are meant to read it, so if you feel to leave, go. I won't go into the theory except to say that it revolves around the world being a hologram and not real. You can't really effect the hologram from inside it. If you are like me you have tried many self help and spiritual practices to change your life. You have had a little success, but many failures. For my whole life I actually thought the problem was with me. I must not be doing this stuff right, or for some reason God was playing a huge joke, just on me. This book was a revelation, but I had some doubts, so I put "The Process" to work, the process is a way to get power back (read the book), it only works if you do it, reading about it won't change a thing :-). Two months into the work, my world is looking a whole lot different. It is hard to articulate, but for one, money comes much easier, even though it really is not about money, more about freedom. I was given an art show out of the blue, with nothing being done on my part. This week I have been offered a job I used to dream about (even though I am not sure I want it now). The main thing is how happy I am most of the time, without effort or TRYING to be positive, even in crisis. Yes, I can get upset, but I quickly come to my senses when I do the process. I know I might as well be speaking a foreign language, but I have one story that may explain it a bit. Robert, talks about when you start doing the work in the book, things will feel surreal a lot of the time, and they do, very surreal. I had a dream the other night that I feel brought it all home for me. I know, other people's dreams are boring, but I think some of you may like this: In the dream I found myself at a client's house, the one where Finn the dog lives.
In the dream I find myself in the bedroom, I think to myself, how did I get here? It is too early in the week to be here and I did not say hi to G or Finn, I go in the living room and say hello and ask how I got in the house without seeing them? G has no idea. Then I look outside and it is pitch black, I look at the clock and it says 6:30 AM. I ask G why I am there so early, again G has no idea. Mind you, everything in this dream looks exactly right, as solid as REAL life. I laugh and say to G, "Could it be that I am dreaming?" We both laugh and laugh, because that would be insane, everything is so real, I could not possibly be dreaming, then I WAKE up. I look around and I am in a bit of shock because seconds ago, I had really believed I was at G's house talking to her. It was a really wonderful way to see how the theory in this book could be true. I have not been able to forget it. Okay, now that you think Annie has gone round the bend and has been watching too many "Lost" DVDs I am going to go to bed.
Sweet dreams :-). XOXO

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Thought I should let you all know what was up. It has been a busy week with lots of family phone calls and looking for a pet-sitter. Mom is home and doing very well, the doctors are amazed at how fast she is recovering. My brother R and mom's boyfriend R have provided the rest of the funds I needed to go home. I was able to come up with 400, so I have the pet-sitter and my shuttle costs covered. Yay. I want to thank them very much as well as dear Angela and Lolo and Kj for their purchases on my ESTY site and sweet Jos and Robin and M for their very generous offers. I am making the plane reservations today. It looks like I will be leaving the 13Th and coming back the 21st. I still have not found a pet-sitter, but I am still looking and I have a good friend who does not want to do it (he has little patience and my boys require a lot), but will do it if I don't find anyone by the time I leave. I am waiting to hear from a vet tech and she would be perfect, please pray she can do it!
In other news I have many things going on. My show at Cafe Loka comes down next Friday.
There is a job I may go for, but I don't know enough yet to make any decisions. Or I may come home from my trip and start the long process of planning a move to Oregon. Any of my readers live on the Oregon coast? Speaking of the coast, mom and R and I are going for a few days when I am home! Yay! Double Yay! I miss the sea so much which is one reason I want to move there, also it is only two hours from my family and I would be closer if they needed me and be able to visit more often. I have not decided yet what I will do. My head spins with all the stuff I have to think about.
And for those of you, Nolly, Angela, who are interested in my journey with the book"Busting Loose from the Money Game" , "the process" I do in the book has been a God send through all this crisis.
Okay, this is a much needed day off, so I am laying around, reading and watching my beloved "Lost" tapes. No more painting until I return home, unless I just can't help myself, which could happen :-).
Thanks again to those who prayed, thought good thoughts and helped with your cash. I love you all, each and everyone. Happy Saturday. xoxo