Monday, April 7, 2008

Jane Austen's love life

Lovely Coyote photo by Geraint Smith. I don't have much to report today except I have had one thing on my mind, last night I was thinking about the writer Jane Austen. I love her books and I have always related to her love stories in that the man and woman never seem to get together easily and that mirrors my romantic life :-). Except for the fact that mostly they always ended up together happily and that has not been my life so far :-). The weird thing for me and what I was thinking about last night before falling asleep was that she never married. She remained single. Perhaps she wrote the happy endings for her characters that she never had. That is not to say she did not have a happy ending, as being single has it's rewards :-). I just mean she never had the happy romance that she writes about in her books. That is it for me, I have the day off and I am going back to bed with a large stack of books, then I will be working on those two little paintings I have been neglecting. Have a great Monday!


Paula In Pinetop said...

What a beautiful photo. I know a lot of people don't like coyotes much, but I tend to think they are pretty cool. This one in particular is a real looker, don't you think?

I've been married or in relationships more than I've been alone. It just comes to me, I'm never looking for it. Funny how we are all so different that way.

Haven't seen picks of the kitties lately. Our Audrey has learned how to flip an open box over so she is under it. Then she reaches out the hold in the side (where your hand goes) and snatches her toy mouse in with her. It is hysterical.

It is a beautiful spring day here, hope it is for you too.

Dagny said...

Beautiful pic. I love them.

And I hope you enjoyed your day.


Julie said...

I hope you had a great day too.

Gotta love Austen. :)