Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Work

This is new work and a new process for me, I have never done anything like this so it pushes my comfort zone a bit. I combined my painting with my found rust and nature things I find hiking . This is a 8"x 8" cradle board, oil, venetian plaster, graphite and rusted wire, and a small antler. This piece will be in an upcoming miniature show at Millicent  Rogers Museum In Taos next month. Double click to get a up close and personal view.
I always love to know your feelings.
A new year is upon us, I feel open to new possibilities and a renewed passion to my art. I also feel a lack of need to push things or control or make things happen.
Happy New Year! XOXO

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry, Happy Everything

Well, we are all still here, as I knew we would be, the world did not end as I knew it would not :-).
So Happy Survival, Merry Christmas and New Year and Happy Winter Solstice and any holiday around the world I don't know about. I know that Hanukkah  has passed I hope it was filled with light.
I just realized this is my 800Th and 2nd post, I had planned on doing a give away at 800, so I will do one now, it is Christmas after all. I will be giving away one of my little tea and rust drawings. If you would like to be in the draw just leave a comment and let me know. I will announce the winner after New Years.
Have  a wonderful holiday , each and every one of you. I appreciate and love you all that come here.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


About a year ago I read on a blog about a thing called a tree wrap, this blogger who I cannot remember the name of (so sorry) made hers with leather. I thought it was a wonderful idea and months later on a hike I rounded a corner and this great tree inspired me to make it a tree wrap. I made mine with raw canvas, some tea and rust drawings, bone, feather, rock, shell and gold thread. I took it out with a friend and wrapped the tree just as a big snow storm was coming in last weekend. I think it will be a nice surprise to hikers and I hope the tree liked it :-).
Have a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Rust and Teabag Drawings

These are about half of my newest pieces, I will share the others at another time. I have included a close up of each drawing. I have been having fun and going outside of my comfort zones, which feels great.
I always love to hear from you.
Tomorrow is the last day of my ETSY sale, so you know.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Love. XOXO

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I found some treasure this weekend while on my hikes with Bella, Rust love, once it takes hold there is no stopping it :-). Not sure what I will do with all of it, but I think some will be used for rust mark making and some will be  for collage and painting.
Having fun and feeling inspired, I hope you are too.
This is the last week for my ETSY sale, 10% off all items. If you have not been to my site for a while there are quiet a few new pieces, and I still have a few ceramic pieces left.
Have a wonderful week! XOXO