Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pure Magic

Isn't this a beautiful photo?
I have mentioned my good friend Geraint Smith before,
but now he has graciously agreed to let me use some of his
photos for my blog. It will save me some time :-). Don't
get me wrong I love taking pictures myself and I will
continue to do so, but sometimes I spread myself too
thin trying to do too much. Plus he is a professional
photographer and does a lot better than me :-).
Go to his site and check him out.
Not much to report today, feeling a bit uninspired to
write, so in keeping with yesterday's post,
I will be silent until which time I have something
to say :-). Have a magical, wonderful Sunday.


Dagny said...

BEAUTIFUL pic. He is very talented. Looking forward to seeing more. :)

Julie said...

Oh gorgeous!

Jessie said...

what a stunning photo!! he has great talent and is obviously a dedicated photographer to end up with a shot like that.

here's to simplifying life's demands. ;)