Saturday, October 31, 2015

This is an Art Rant (Beware)

I just learned something that really shocked me, though it should not have now that I really think about it.
I thought it would be fun to look up the ten best female artists alive now, there was no list, but there were a bunch of lists about the best artists. I looked at one and what I found was indeed shocking.
Out of 100 men there were only two women, both dead, Frida Kahlo was #49 (49!!!!) and Georgia O'keeffe was #94 (94!!!!).
This is so amazing because I can think of many women who should be on this list that never even made it, where is Louise Nevelson and Louise Bourgeois?! Just to name two, I could fill this page up with names.
And what of the women alive today who are making great art?
I really never paid attention to this before, to me good art is made by both sexes, but I heard a female artist say they changed their name to be more male sounding because men got better prices for their work. This made me sit up and notice what was going on.
As a female artist this is so disappointing.
I don't make art for the money, if I did I would have stopped many years ago, but I do want the same pay and rewards that a man would get.
Do any of you find this shocking? Or have I had my head in the sand for too Long?
Please share. xoxo

Saturday, October 10, 2015

New Mixed Media Painting

This is my new 16"x16" mixed media painting. I sewed the ends of tea bags that I cut off doing my bigger project (someday I will share) and used them in this piece to make the grid. As usual all the detail gets lost in the photos, but I included some detail shots to help a little also if you click on an image and then click again it lets you enlarge.
I always love to hear your thoughts.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Great News

This beautiful book by Roxanne Evans Stout can now be pre ordered on Amazon.
I am honored to have one of my collage paintings included in the book.
It has been a long time coming and now the wait is almost over, not until December, but you can pre order it now, go HERE.
Happy Autumn! My favorite time of the year.XOXO