Friday, April 25, 2008

Mere ramblings

This is my little Mr. B, he is the one that is too thin. This is a Mr B and Spike story: Sunday morning I awoke to an awful sound of two cats fighting. It was Spike and Mr. B, the two brothers. I pulled them apart and saw blood. Mr B had one of his back nails pulled out of his paw and it was bleeding badly. After calling the vet and getting instructions to put flour on the wound, I locked him in the bathroom for the next two hours while the bleeding stopped. All was well. Then last night when I returned home from a book reading, I found blood on my futon and then I saw blood on Spike's back paw. The same paw that Mr. B had hurt. Unbelievable, but true. It seems Spike's bad karma had come back to him :-). Both cats are fine :-).

Today is another day off, but today I am going slowly. working on paintings (I promise photos soon) and reading and napping, whatever I feel to do in the moment. I forgot my practice of living for now a couple of days running and I could really tell the difference in the quality of my days. So easy to forget, but I am back in the saddle now :-).

Happy Friday everyone!

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Dagny said...

Glad to hear both bad boys were fine after their tiff. ;)

Cat fights, is there are more horrible sound? LOL.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Annie.