Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another quickie

Mr. B looking serious. Think some good thoughts for him as he is thin and no matter how much he eats is not gaining any weight. The vet can't figure out why :-(. I am out of time this morning and must go off for a run, so I promise I will write a makeup post tomorrow. Have a special Wednesday.


jennifer said...


Thanks for the comment.. how did you find my blog?

I love your blog!

I will be posting more on mine soon... I have been so slack.


jennifer said...

you commented on my new blog..

Julie said...

I hope the vet figures out what's going on soon. Poor baby.

Dagny said...

Have you had his kidney's checked?

And I hope it is nothing.

Feel better soon kitty. ((kittie hugs))

Dagny said...

And Mr.B looks just like Ralph Vader, minus the black nose!!!

Annie Coe said...

The vet has run several blood tests
and I am sure the kidney was checked, but I will double check that with the vet when I take him for his weigh in, in a couple weeks. He does sort of look like Ralph, except he is much thinner...