Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Just a reminder to keep dreaming.
As children we all dream, all the time,
but when we get older for some reason
we stop. I never really grew up, so I have
never stopped dreaming :-).
By dream I don't mean make lists of goals
or strive to make things happen. I just mean
dream. Play. Do things you love to do. be with
people you love to be with. I used to be a big
believer in goals and plans, but I have learned
some new tricks and one of them is to go with
the flow. No more"TRYING" to make things
happen. I am done with all that. Action will be
taken, but only when I am inspired, only when
doing makes me happy. :-).
Note: Don't forget to make a donation to Bernie,
at A Place to Bark.
Please do so fast as time is ticking. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Please donate to A Place to Bark.
Bernie only has 2 1/2 days to go
before the contest is over. Please
give HERE.


I have no photo today, due to lack of time, see
post titled TIME :-). However I wanted to peek
in and say hi. I also want to say a bit about the
ego: IT SUCKS :-). Yes, it does. I call the ego that
loud voice that always tells us all the bad stuff
about ourselves and pushes all our buttons. We
all have one and we listen to it way too much.
I have a friend who is having a rough time right
now because he is believing what his is telling him.
I say stuff some cotton in it's mouth and lock it
up in a drafty room somewhere and then throw
away the key :-). I know easier said than done.
That is why we need good friends around to remind
us that we are better than we think we are. We
need other voices to tell us the truth, cause the ego
always lies and confuses. The ego is insane, so do
not listen to it. That's all for today :-). I love you.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Bliss out

My cat Spike has three dots that make a heart
whenever he moves. He is also a love, so it is
perfect for him. It is raining out and turning
the snow to mud/sludge. I am a bit under the
weather and not feeling bad, not feeling good
either. Just sort of blah. When I feel this way
I like to make a list of things that bring me bliss;
1. Mr. B
2. My boys
3. Painting
4. Writing
5. Reading a great book with a cup of hot chocolate.
6. Watching a really wonderful movie.
7. Running on a sunny, chilly day in the crunchy snow.
8. Visiting with good friends.
9. Visiting with family.
10. Eating a great pasta meal.
Okay, after I make the list I go out and do as many
of the things on my list as I can. Today that would
be reading, writing, painting and watching a great
movie with my boys next to me. I feel better already :-).

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Isn't this guy cute? I mean in a scary sort of way.
I love gargoyles and I always have. I thought I
would share him with you as I have not taken
any photos all week. Time is the problem. I wish
there were two of me or better yet, I wish that
time could be slowed down by half :-). Most
people I know don't have enough time. Everyone
thinks they are busier than everyone else. I have
noticed that we are all too busy and don't take
the time to slow down and really live life. I like
to go slow and enjoy what is in front of me, be it
a cup of coffee, a good book, a cat, a flower or
a person. Some days that is not possible, but I try
to do it as much as I can. We never get it all done.
No one ever does. Best to take it easy and do what we can,
then let go of the rest.
Have a restful, slow, happy Sunday.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mysteries and Miracles

Greetings everyone. I love the number nine.
It is a miracle number. Most people know this
fact, but not everyone, so just so you don't miss
this knowledge in your lifetime, I am going to
tell you why: If you multiply nine by any number,
any number at all and then add up the sum of the
numbers you get, it ALWAYS adds up to nine. Did
you get that? Let's say we multiply 9 by 1, 034.
We get 9, 306, add those numbers up and it comes to: 18,
add those up and it comes to 9!!!! It is fun to try and
find a mistake in this miracle, but it can't be done.
I know because I have tried. I really love it.
God must be real, or how do you explain this wonderful
fact? I am feeling light and giddy and full of gratitude.
Not so the last couple days, but the clouds have lifted
and I see the sun again :-). Have a wonderful weekend.
I love you.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Life in general

This is Max. He is the youngest in the group.
He came to my door at about six weeks old.
How could I turn a baby away? So I took him
in. I needed another animal like a hole in the
head, but I am so glad I kept him. He has turned
into a wonderful cat and he is extremely smart
and funny. In this photo he is in my clean laundry
:-) and looking quiet smug about it, I might add.
Today finds me unable to think of anything to write,
so I will tell you about the wonderful book I am reading:
"Shantaram" by Gregory David Roberts.
It is based on a true story and takes place in India.
I read that Johnny Depp is making the film version.
And I can't wait :-). If you don't read anything else
all year, read this book. It is quiet an adventure and
beautifully written. I just read some reviews of the book
and it gets mostly five stars. I do want to add that some
reviewers think the book needs some editing and is over
the top. I would agree with this, but still it is a terrific
read, perfect, no, but wonderful still.
That's all for today. Love abounds. Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bernie needs our help

This is for a wonderful cause (dogs and cats :-).
Go to Bernie's blog and read all about her. She
is doing what I would do if I could. Please donate.
She needs our help and needs money for a shelter.
Right now she is keeping the animals in her house.
Come on people, give :-). Thanks

Random thoughts

This is my cat Mr. B, doesn't he look wise?
He looks like he knows something the rest
of us can only hope to learn one day :-).
Actually all my boys are wise. They are my
best friends and I am not sure I could live
without them :-).
I don't have much to report today. Life is quiet.
I did see a good movie, though it was very
violent, so be warned, "Eastern Promises".
It has one of my favorite actors in it, Viggo
Mortensen, and he is most wonderful as always.
I am still working on kindness and forgiveness.
It is a daily challenge, but it does get easier.
It feels much better to be loving than to be cranky
and mean. Everyday we are given a choice many
times over and always it is best to choose love.
Don't you think? Have a great day.

Monday, January 21, 2008

My running partner

This is Zeus, my running partner and
soul mate. I did not name him, an old
boyfriend did, he is very un Zeus like :-).
He runs with me, at least up to three miles.
Anything more is a bit much for him as he
is an old dog. I got him at the pound eight
years ago, so we don't really know how old
he is, but the vet thinks he is about eleven.
He loves to run as much as I do, and he runs
like the wind.
Today my thoughts are going around in
circles again, but I am mostly thinking about
how I wish I was at home painting instead
of at work :-). I have so many paintings in me
and so many books, but it is hard to make the
time I need to do them when I work a full
time job. I am wishing for more time at home.
However, I do love my job and I know I am at
the right place at the right time, so I am trying
to be patient and be in the moment.
I am also missing Mr. B, but again I come back
to the fact that all is as it is meant to be.
Go with the flow :-).
That's all for today. Have a wonderful one.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Letting go

I love this little painting because it reminds
me of my two sides. Part of me is easy going
and does not hang onto things, people or ideas.
However, I have this other part of me that wants
to hang on to everything. I know in my heart that
the best thing to do is to always let go. Hold nothing
so tightly as to strangle the life out of it :-). The
last couple days I have been struggling with this
issue and I am making a bit of head way. I need
to let go of a few things, especially ideas that I
have held and believed. Time for some new more
helpful beliefs to make themselves at home in
my mind. It is work, but nothing ever changes
without some effort. It always helps me to write
things out here, then I know where I am ;-).
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Be kind

I am still in thinking mode.
However, I do have a few things to report.
First I would like to congratulate Mr. B on
buying his first house! He is in mid process
right now and I am very happy for him :-).
I would also like to say I love you to all my friends
and family and new blog friends.
Even though very few of you comment(3 to be exact),
I know you are coming and reading and I thank
you. This week I am working on love, and kindness.
This morning I stopped my car for a man and let his
car into my lane then he gave me the finger? What is up?
I did not get mad, but sent him love, even though
I was a bit baffled by his anger. He must be having
a really lousy morning. I don't think people are mean
by nature, or maybe they are :-), but that does not
mean I have to lower myself to that level.
Have a lovely day everyone. :-)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lost in thought

I don't have much to say at the moment,
but I wanted to share this photo of Spike,
he is one of my four boys and he is wonderful.
Can't you tell? I have been very introspective
the last couple days and that is a good thing. I
get a lot done that way :-). All is well. Love abounds
and my heart is open. Have a wonderful day.

Monday, January 14, 2008

This is where I run

It looks like this right now, but soon when it
warms up it will all turn to mud. Then it is not
so fun to run on. Right now though it is heaven.
Very crunchy.
That's it for today, I don't have much to say.
Stay warm, love fiercely and be kind. :-)

Sunday, January 13, 2008


My thoughts today are all about change.
Why do we dislike change? Why do we fear it?
I think it has a lot to do with uncertainty and
fear of the unknown. However, if things always
stay the same it gets pretty boring, doesn't it?
I have always been very adaptable and once
I get used to an idea I go with the flow pretty
easily. I actually crave change every ten years.
I seem to move, or do something radical just
to stir things up. I have lived in the same
house for nine years and I am ready for a big
change. Ready to get rid of half of what I own
and try something different. I am ready to live
with a man and go through the give and take of
a relationship. I think I can do it and I think I will
be good at it. I love to give of myself and I have a lot
of love to give and to share. I am ready.
Note: You may or may not have noticed that
I have removed my photo. The reason is because
my mother and several friends informed me that
it was not a good photo and that I was much more
attractive :-). Also they told me it made me look
older than I was. So it is banished.
I will work on having a better photo taken soon.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr.B

The love of my life is having a
birthday today and I just wanted
to send him a little birthday message
here. I love you more each day and I
wish we were able to be together today.
But since we can't be I send you a thousand
kisses through the cosmos :-).
I have been working on my non judgment
challenge and also on forgiveness. It seems
to get a bit easier as I go, but still sometimes
it's tricky. The little ego really hates it when
you are kind and loving :-).
However, I feel it is very important to put
that little monster in it's place. It has no power.
Love is the only thing that has any power in this
world. So, today and everyday my goal is to love
and to be kind. To forgive all things big and small.
I wish you all a happy weekend. I love you.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I feel much better today, calm and able
to keep all my fears of the future at bay.
Life goes so much better it you don't
listen to that old ego voice. I try hard
to listen to spirit, but sometimes it
gets a bit confusing as to who's voice
I am hearing, spirit or ego. Most of the
time it is obvious, spirit is calm and loving,
and ego is not. However, I have found once
in a while that crafty ego likes to fool you
and tell you what you want to hear. It gets
a bit chaotic in there with all those voices
giving guidance :-). If any of you have any
advice on how to best tell the difference please
let me know. I have been working on this for
thirty years and it still hangs me up. But, today
I am doing well.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Spinning in circles

The last couple days I have felt a bit
like this monster. A bit crazy and out
of sorts. I can get like this when I feel
overwhelmed or have too many decisions
to make. I realized last night that I don't
have to make any decisions today nor do
I have to make any decisions tomorrow.
That was a huge relief :-). I also realized
that I can live each day, each moment and
make the decisions when I have to, when
it is time to make them. There is no reason
to pressure myself now. I also came to the
knowledge that when I do get to the point
when I have to make these life changing
decisions, I would be much further along
and be able to make those decisions from
a stronger and more informed place. Wow.
Now I can relax :-).

Monday, January 7, 2008

Paying attention

Lately it has been apparent to me that
it is so important to pay attention to the
thoughts that we entertain. Sometimes I
realize I am on a negative rant and all of
a sudden I am not feeling so good. Not happy.
Then I look at what I have been thinking and
I can see right away what happened. I catch
myself in the negative spin much sooner than
I used to, but still I can be in that spin for thirty
minutes before I realize what I am doing. I want
to get better at this :-). It is true there was a time
when I could be spinning downward for a couple
of days before I would catch myself, so there has
been much improvement. However, I wonder how
much lovelier my life would be if I caught those
suckers right as they were coming into my mind.
Is it even possible to do that? I think it is, but it
takes a high level of awareness, no more running
on auto pilot. It is one of my many goals for the
new year. What if we all attempted to do this?
How different would our world be?

Sunday, January 6, 2008


This is one of my main men. This is
Ganeshe, the Hindu God and remover
of obstacles. I first fell in love with him
when he started coming to me in dreams.
I believe he has helped me remove many
stuck areas of my life in the last couple years.
Is he real? I have no idea, but my belief in him
makes him real to me and he blesses me.
The divine works in our lives in such mysterious
ways, who can know what is real and what isn't.
I believe this life is a dream and if that is true
anything is possible. I also believe one day we
will wake up from this dream and rest with God.
One of my goals for the coming year is to see through
the veil and wake up. Now. God's love is ours now,
here for us this very minute. I want to feel it and I
want to give it to others. I am not talking about
the God of the bible, I am talking about that loving
energy that is with us every step. I want to wake up in
the arms of Ganeshe for he embodies the divine for me.
Love abounds.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The heart of love

I have a lot on my mind, but the main things
I am thinking of are love, commitment and fear.
What makes a person commit to another?
How does one over ride the fear factor of
it not working out? Especially if there is a lot
to risk? My last post was about jumping into
the void and I am still ready to do it, but fear
has risen it's ugly head again. I am getting pretty
good at telling that old monster to get lost, but
I wish it would quit coming around. I keep coming
back to the fact that love should be enough.
I love Mr. B with a very powerful love, and I
KNOW that it can carry me through any problems
that may come up. It helps to write it down here.
I get very clear when I do. Right now there is nothing
more important to me then love.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Right now, today, I am thinking
about risk taking and leaping from
tall buildings :-). Really how else do you
get from point A to point B unless you
risk and plunge? Is it scary? Yes. Is it
necessary? Yes. You rarely get anywhere
unless you are willing to risk something.
Sometimes you risk your heart, sometimes
you risk your money, sometimes maybe
you even risk your life. Does the risk always
pay off? No. But you never know until you
try. I feel as if I am standing over a vast
void and I must jump and hope for the
very best. Either that or turn around and
go back to my safe, predictable life.
I choose to jump :-).

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy, happy first day of the year!

I had a wonderful start to the new year, Mr. B
called me at midnight and the love went right
though the telephone wires :-). I feel so full
of love. I feel like anything can happen this year.
I am starting with a huge armful of love and delight.
Not just love for Mr. B, though that is a fierce love,
a powerful, complete love, but I am also full of love
for my family, friends, my boys, the world! Life is open
and wonderful. There are no barriers to what I want.
I walk in a world of no limits. I wish the same for all
of you. May you walk in love.
Today my plan is to make up little notes of love and
then walk about and put them in places where hopefully
people will find them. I have done this before and it feels
wonderful. Spreading the joy. I have read other blogs
where people are doing the same sort of thing and it just
warms my heart.
Have a most wonderful day! I love you.