Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Ravens are in!

The jury picked both my entries for the Taos Selects Fall Arts Show. I am also invited to bring a miniature of my choosing, the jurors pick from hundreds of entries, so I feel gratitude to be picked . The show will be held September 27Th- Oct 6Th. I will give a full report, but they don't allow cameras inside so I won't be able to show you anything. I am hoping to sell these pieces! Yay!
That's all for now. Happy Labor Day! XOXO

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hydra #2

This is "Hydra, Ode to Leonard Cohen #2" , 12" x12" Venetian plaster, rust stained paper, ink, oil and acrylic paint, cold wax on board. See post below for my inspiration.
If you click on the image and then click again you get all the details, it is worth the small effort.
You know I love to hear your thoughts.
I am now working on a big 40"x 40" piece to go with this series and won't be posting much art for a while.
I will be tumbling this for those that want to tumble :-).

Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Painting/Collage

I am back to abstraction where I feel more myself. I have to say it is much harder than the collages where I have a raven as the center, because I have a place to start with the image of the raven, with the abstract I have to pull it out of thin air. This piece is called "Hydra, ode to Leonard Cohen" I love him and I am reading a book about his life called "I'm Your Man", it is a wonderful book and at one time Leonard bought a little house on Hydra a Greek island, this collage reminds me of his descriptions of sitting on the beach watching the sun come down. This collage is 12"x 12" , venetian plaster, oil, acrylic, rust stained paper, India ink, pen, graphite and cold wax on board.
I always love to hear your thoughts.
I included many detail shots, but if you click on the image then click again you will see the real deal.
This piece is tumbled.