Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Art guy update

I know a few want to know what happened today
with art guy. Well, I hate to disappoint, but nothing
happened. I did indeed finish my little paintings last
night after I got home from dinner. I did indeed take
them to the gallery to show art guy and the owner of
the gallery. However, when I got there art guy was
busy with a client. I went and talked to the owner
for a bit and he liked the new pieces, but thought
the bigger little pieces were better and I agree.
They were the paintings I posted a while back.
Art guy was still busy when we were done talking,
so I just left. While I was there though I realized
that everything had changed. There was no spark
for me, none. Not even a flicker of a spark. I am
not sure what happened, but I guess it was just a
moment in time and that moment has passed. Oh well.
A bit of a let down, but nothing to cry over :-). I
promise I will post photos of the new paintings
tomorrow. For now I am a bit zonked. Love ya.


willowtree said...

Blogging can be a bit like that.

Em said...

Hey, that's life!

Julie said...

Yeah, maybe his pheromones weren't working.


Dagny said...

Ah drat!!

and yeah. ,maybe he had too much cologne on or something? ;)