Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Max, killer of water bottles

See this sweet little face, you would never know it, but Max is a killer.

First I should warn you that this is going to be a cute cat story, so if you don't like cats please leave the room now :-). Max is an indoor cat, he does go out in the yard when it is nice outside, but basically he is indoors. There are no mice indoors for Max to catch and kill, so he has decided he will catch and kill plastic water bottles. Why water bottles you ask? I have a plastic spray bottle with which I spray Max when he is being very bad and because he is bad a lot he gets sprayed a lot, so he hates water bottles. Everyday Max catches and kills my empty water bottles that go in recycling, he then brings them to me for approval :-). Last night as I watched a movie in bed, he brought me three :-). Is that cute or sad, I just don't know, but it made me laugh. Have a wonderful Tuesday.


Unknown said...

sounds like a mischevious Max but a lovable one am sure :)

Julie said...

Too dang cute by far.

Elizabeth said...

I love cat stories!
Hope you get to read the Marrakech books.
The Peter Mayne is the best!

Marimar - said...

That is too funny. My cat used to bring me the traditional birds and mice. I wish he would have brought me my recycling. My friend's cat brings her socks and then proceeds to his food bowl and must have the sock touching the bowl while he eats- every time!

I love your posts and thanks for reading mine. I totally agreed with your thoughts on Jane Austen as well. Happy writing!

Yoli said...

Oh my, what a sweet lovable face. I spoil my kitty, she is my fat Queen that rules the roost.

Dagny said...


My Jussi also ate the water bottle used to spray him. Smart buggers those kitties!!!