Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Paint or Write?

Took the photo off, for some reason it was all blurry...?
I feel in touch with life and I feel happy. Not the kind of happy you feel when something good happens, but the kind of happiness that says: My life is great just as it is. And yet. I do have a few concerns. You may have noticed in my profile, that I say I am an artist and a writer. Yet, I never talk about my book. The reason for that is, I have not worked on the book for months. I wrote my book about 9 months ago and have finished it, but it still needs some editing and in the meantime I have decided to rewrite some things. The trouble is I want to paint. I want to work on art right now and the book is hovering around my head like a bee. Just buzzing around. Won't let me alone. Some of that is because it is so close to being done, I would like to say finished, finally. What is the book about, you may or may not be wondering? It is a small little book I wrote about my spiritual practices of the last 30 years.
Most of my friends and family think it is a good book and I think it has a chance to make it out there in the world. So living in the moment wants me to paint and finish the book later. The book wants to be done now :-). I want the book done now. I am trying to figure out how to do both with limited time. I have never been very good at doing the art and writing. I tend to really focus when I work and that does not leave any room for other things,so I write for a few months, than I paint for a few. Anyone out there have any advice? Thanks. Have a wonderful Tuesday night.


Julie said...

I would guess that you will have to stay up until 2am every night to work on it, but that might not be a good idea.

I hope it's finished soon though. I'd love to read it.

Dagny said...

Yeah, me too!

Unknown said...

..and you can paint, wow so talented, so many people can sew, do crafts and paint in blog yet find the talent for it, happy weeekend :)