Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday13 (MishMash) Part2

Okay, back to the 13, I have 7 left to go. # 7 is this painting I did for a blogging friend, now that she has it, I can share. She did something very lovely for me, so she really deserved this.

#8 is another painting for another wonderful blogging friend, who also was very kind to me. She is so wonderful I think I may have to do something more for her one day :-). Did I say she loves orange :-).

Then remember I told you that only one pendant made it out of the kiln, well here she is. She is a very costly little gem.

This is B before he got REALLY thin, he is doing okay, I have decided that I need to start seeing him as healthy and quite focusing so much on what is wrong!

Spike is doing well, but yesterday he decided not to eat, I realized that I need to stop micro managing his every movement. Today we got a rocky start, but now both he and B are eating up a storm. I am working on managing my stress as it relates to these two.
Today, I walked my dog, took the cat boys outside, played in porcelain and read. A perfect day if you ask me.
And # 13, Fall is here! Today felt crispy and cool and I put the comforter back on the bed. Soon the leaves will turn. I love Fall. I love all the seasons because they each have something wonderful to give.
Whew, 13 is really hard, Kj, I don't know how you do it!
Happy Sunday! XOXO

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday 13 (Mish Mash)

First, this is a photo of me, in honor of Lo. I hate having my photo taken and despite my friend
Robin's attempts to teach me to pose I always look stiff and fat and I never like my smile. I can live with this photo though and so I am posting it, it is already on my Facebook page, so I am getting used to it being out there. Someday I will have a good self image. I am working on it :-).
Most of my 13 don't have photos. This week I met a blogger friend, Becky. This is only my 2ND meeting with a blogger, the first was Kj this last Winter. That was a lovely experience. Becky and I were able to spend half a day together and it was wonderful. She is beautiful and talented and a bit younger than me. It was a delight meeting her and I hope we will visit more.

I also spent a day out at my friend J's house this is the back of my other friend J who went with me. This is in J's back yard, isn't it stunning?
It was a very social week for me. Most of my friends are hermits like me. I think it just sort of goes with being an artist, at least it does for the ones I know. My mom asked me the other day why I did not need people. I told her I did need people, but I did not need them all the time. I have always been a loner and I get worse as I get older. Of late I have no interest in romance or men and it has been a huge relief. I think you build a certain kind of strength when you go it alone.

This week I also spent some time with my friend B, she just had a baby about 6 weeks ago. I thought I would share a bit of sweetness with you.
I also got my ceramics out of the kiln this Friday, only 1 pendant made it, out of 20, as when the kiln was going the power went out! Poop.
Oh gosh I only made it to 6, this may have a 2ND part :-).
I did my best Kj.
Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Animal Wednesday (For my Raven sisters)

I was returning a DVD the other day to the video store and this guy was in the parking lot, I followed him around while in the car, trying to get a better shot, he ended up next door at Sonic, now I know why he is so huge! Isn't he wonderful! Happy Wednesday. XOXO

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What I Love

Today is Sunday, my favorite day and this week it is doubly a favorite as it is my only day off this week. I will be doing absolutely nothing! YAY! These lovely sunflowers have decided to live in my drive way, they jumped the fence from my neighbor's yard. I had a bunch in my yard, but I never shared with you, that when I arrived back from my trip home, my yard was dug up and my fence was torn down due to a plumbing problem next door. When they ripped the fence down they took with it all the wonderful sunflowers, I cried when I saw that they were all gone.
So, I am happy at least that they are in the driveway :-).
Okay, this is what I love today!
2.My boys
3.My family, friends and blogging buddies (included in friends)
4.The crickets that serenade me to sleep every night.
5.Paint, Venetian plaster and porcelain.
6.My little point and shoot.
7."Lost", I have watched all the series and I am waiting for the last season to come out Tuesday!
I think the show gets better as it goes. Love, love, love it!
8.Dreams, I dreamed last night that the beet was the new "it" vegetable in Paris France. Weird, but then I looked it up on the web and found out that beets are a new favorite among Paris chefs! FUN!
9.My life, warts and all, and there are a whole lot of warts right now, but we won't dwell on that.
What do you love, today? Happy Sunday! XOXO

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Warrior Woman

That is how I feel these days. Like a spiritual warrior. Strong and fearless. I have many hard things going on, but I feel able to cope (with lots of sleep and healthy food). My life since"Busting Loose from the Money Game" and doing "The Process" , is changing on a daily basis. I am able to stay in the moment without effort. I handle crisis with a clear head and I don't panic. My blogger friend Kelly is also doing "The Process" as is a client and both are having miracles of their own.
So now I know I was not making it all up :-).
Update on Mr.B-Today he did everything he was supposed to, he ate, peed, pooped and he took his pills. One day at a time. I am to take him in to be weighed in 3-4 weeks, then we will go from there. We got the test results, it is not his thyroid. Everyday is a gift. Thank you for your love, B and I both appreciate it. Happy Thursday! XOXO

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Prayers Needed for Mr.B

This is my little B, I had to rush him to the Vet this morning as he could not urinate.
I have been worried about him anyway as over the last few years he has lost a lot of weight, and over the last few weeks he has lost more. I think he lost weight while I was away on my trip too.
He is home now, but not out of the woods, not by a long shot. He has a urinary tract infection, but my Vet thinks he could have a thyroid problem or cancer. We are trying a few things first before we go to the worst case scenario. Please think good thoughts and say prayers or do what ever it is that you do. I will be doing "The Process", it helped me a lot today. I spent a lot of money today, money I don't really have to spend, but I know that I will be taken care of, I TRUST that. I also trust that what ever happens
will be the best.
I also wanted to thank all of you who commented on my post about the ornaments (see post below), it was very helpful. I appreciate all your thoughtful and honest comments.
Love. XOXO

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Randomness and much pondering...

It has been a long week, 6 days of work in a row, but now I have a little time off. Even though I have been busy, I did make a little time for art, I made the above wall hangings (these are just fired, no glaze yet) and pendants, and I glazed them last night. Notice in the photo, the shadow at the top and little whiskers, it is none other than my Max. The stack of wall hangings next to the whiskers did not make it, they were flawed and must go in the bin. Only about half of what I make ever makes it, that is just the way with clay, you never know what you get until it is done. I work in porcelain and it is even harder, but that is one of the reasons I like it best.
I have a question for all of you, I need your help with something. About two weeks ago I put out a call for orders, for custom made ornaments (see this post). It was a total failure and I need to know why. I asked a blogger friend of mine and they said they thought the price was too high.
I asked clients and they said no, they thought the price was fine, and a few have ordered some. I have thought a lot about it, these are one of a kind, custom made, you can't buy these in a store.
To me that is worth something. Sure you can buy ornaments, probably as low as 50 cents, but if you want something special does it come cheap? Should it come cheap? I don't do this purely for the money, I love doing it, but I also want to get some appreciation (in the form of money) for the work and care I put into them, as an artist it is often too easy to sell ourselves short. I also realize that for many money is tight and perhaps it is as simple as that. Or maybe July is too early to be thinking about this for most of you. I just want to know and perhaps there is no answer. Maybe you simply did not like them, or Christmas for that matter :-), or maybe you just don't need a custom made ornament. I don't want any of you to feel badly because you did not order some, I don't want pity orders :-). I just want to get my business going and I need to know what I am doing wrong, and who best to ask, then you? Is it my selling technique? God knows I could improve that. I tried selling Christmas cards last year and same thing happened. I know you don't come to my blog to buy things, I do understand that and I don't want you to feel like that is what my blog is about, it's not, but I do make art that I want to sell, So help me out and just give me your gut reaction, (but please be kind :-). I appreciate your thoughts on this.
In other news, my mom is getting better daily. I am now thinking about a maybe move to Oregon, calmly and slowly. Looking into things at my own pace which tends to be slow :-).
Also thinking about many other things, but this post is getting long, so I will save the rest for later. Happy Saturday! Love. XOXO

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This came weeks ago, but I am just getting time to take a photo and post. The lovely Jan from the blog "Awake is Good" had a give away and I won! I received many goodies including a sweet book that Jan wrote, also cards, and many dragonfly inspired items also a gift card for Borders.
If you look up by my Buddha's head you will see my Max coming to see what was new :-).
Thank you Jan, I love all my "stuff"! Happy Thursday! xoxo

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For my Raven Sisters (Animal Wednesday)

This big guy posed for me :-), no, really he was eating and did not know I existed.
Happy Wednesday! XOXO

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Holographic Universe

You all know about my new adventure with "Busting Loose from the Money Game" in which
Robert Scheinfeld says that the world is a hologram. I have been doing some research and I am more and more believing this to be true. It answers so many questions. Actually many REAL scientists came up with the idea because they were looking for answers and found them in the holographic paradigm. Two major scientists came up with the holographic universe separately.
Karl Pribram and David Bohm. Most of this stuff is way over my head, but I find it fascinating.
What if everything we know to be true and solid is not real, made up by our minds and beliefs.
I find it very exciting, and it means to me that anything truly is possible. Like this story I heard on the radio news a few days ago: A couple were being foreclosed on , and were packing up their belongings. They found an old Superman comic book in their basement worth a half million dollars. How wonderful is that! An example in my own life, is when I needed a pet sitter and wanted a vet tech because three of my pets need special care. I was having no luck with finding anyone, so I was thinking, if everything is made up then why can't I just find a vet tech? I could find a million vet techs if I need them, but I only needed one, so I did "The Process" around the vet tech issue. Next day I walk into the vet's office and ask the first vet tech I see and she says YES, she would be happy to do the job. And she did a great job and she said she would be happy to do it again if I needed her. I am sure doing this work I will have many more stories to tell.
I know at least five blogger buddies who have bought the book and two people I know here in Taos, I look forward to hearing your stories as well. Here are a few more links (and Here) if you have an interest. I would love to hear what you think about this idea.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Animal Wednesday

This little guy is a new visitor, I looked them up on the web and found them, they are Evening Grosbeak birds. I have fallen in love with them, they make the cutest beeping sound. This guy was in the middle of breakfast when I took this photo. Happy Wednesday! XOXO

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"The Cove"

(This is an image from the movie "The Cove" I got the image HERE.)
I watched "The Cove" this weekend. I cried the whole way through.
I did not know about this movie, but happened upon it in the documentary section of the video store. I knew it would be hard to watch, but I felt it was important to educate myself.
For those of you that don't know, this is a documentary about the killing of 100's of thousands of dolphins in Japan every year. It is not only that but also how the dolphins are full of mercury and they sell the meat disguised as whale meat (which is bad enough, but the killing of whales is regulated at least, the killing of dolphins is not.). Also did you know that dolphins in captivity are on anti acid because of stress? I went to Sea World, I saw the dolphins there and now I am ashamed that I contributed to that industry, I never will again.
What I saw in the movie will stay with me the rest of my life. More horrific than anything I have ever seen. I felt I needed to do a post to alert others that may not know about this.
Please go HERE and help in any way you feel to. The killing and capture of dolphins MUST be stopped as well as the killing of whales. When will man learn that the creatures on this planet deserve our respect? XOXO