Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I have been thinking about happiness the last couple of days.
What is it exactly? I know the joy I feel when something really
great happens, but that feeling never lasts of course. I think real
true happiness, the kind that stays with you is something inside
yourself. You can't "get" it, or find it. I believe the way to that
happiness is through non resistance. By that I mean accepting
your life as it is, no matter what it's perceived flaws. This is not
a new concept nor is it an easy one to live. I do find that when I
let things be as they are without pushing against them my life
is much more happy. If I simply trust that I am always in the
right place at the right time and let go of all my thoughts on how
it is supposed to be, I feel happy. Have you ever noticed that
when you resist something that you label bad, things get worse?
Always worse. If you let go of control and surrender to what is
happening, things quickly make a change for the better.
Try this and see :-). That's it for today, love to all.


Em said...


Julie said...

I agree too. It IS very hard to do though.

Unknown said...

yep it is, and the buddha statue is very last fix of blogging before i scoot off for the weeekend, you have a fantastic weekend, hugs :)

Phoenix said...

I really like your philosophy. I'll give it a try!
And your blog is perfectly named!


Dagny said...

Love it. :)