Monday, June 20, 2011

Dream Work

I seem to be doing a lot of work in my dreams lately. The other night I dreamed this little cartoon sketch except in my dream I drew the man in a suit and fedora, this time I decided to make him an artist :-). The message of the dream was loud and clear and I am taking it to heart.

Coupled with my last few dreams I posted about I know that I need to take a lot more chances with my art and my life. Anyone out there want to join me? :-). Happy Monday! XOXO

Friday, June 17, 2011

Naked Bowls, Dressed

Remember the naked bowls? These are the same bowls underglazed on the outside (they are clear glazed inside to be food safe). They have been fired once and will now go back in the kiln and be high fired and if they make it through unscathed they will be off to my etsy shop, but I will show them to you first.

Just thought I would share my process a bit. I had to take these photos at night, so the light is not the best. Click to enlarge if you want to see more detail. Happy Friday! XOXO

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Animal Wednesday

This is Finn, a friend's dog. I have shared Finn before. He is such a wonderful dog, can't you tell from that face? In this photo he has a toy AND a ball in his mouth at the same time and he is very proud of it :-). Happy Animal Wednesday! XOXO

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Trouble with Ideas...

It's Sunday, YAY! :-)
Lately I have been having some ideas, many, many artistic ideas which you would think was a good thing and I guess it is better than not having any ideas, but what has been happening is that I go to start a painting and I can't begin because I want to do plaster, maybe abstract maybe flowers maybe a beetle bug, no, I want to do collage, or a drawing. No wait, let me make some bowls or start that tea pot I want to do so badly. Do you see the problem?
I am having a hard time focusing.
Yesterday I made bowls and vases and I believe that it helped, but when making bowls I want to do texture, no wait, a design in paint, so I made both :-).
I believe my real problem is impatience. I want to do it all, and right now!
So, I decided to start a notebook with all my ideas and then slowly, pick one and do it :-).
I am hoping that it will help.
Do any of my fellow artists struggle with this too? Please share.
And just for your information I will be taking all my pendants and wall hangings off my ETSY site in the next few days and I have reduced their Price by 20% so if you want one buy them now.
I will be FOCUSING :-), on bowls, vases and cups (because that is where my joy is right now) and likely won't be making anymore pendants or wall hangings , at least for a long while.
Have a wonderful, happy Sunday! XOXO

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dreams are Real...

I picked these little flowers on my hike this morning and put them in my little vase I made for ETSY. I could hardly keep up with Zeusy on the hike and that makes me very happy :-). I had a dream this week that I found very interesting and would like some insight if you have any. I dreamed of a man who was critiquing my paintings and another woman's work as well. He told us that we both did beautiful work, but that we would be so much improved if we quit our jobs and focused all of our attention on our art.

Well, of course this is my wish to be able to do just that, but rent has to get paid, right? Perhaps if I could trust enough to just jump 100% in and not worry about how the money would come I would have been much further along by now. I am going to take a tip from this dream and work less jobs, say no more often and make more time for the work that really means something to me. That is a start. Do any of you out there make a living from your art? If you do, any advice is most welcome. I get to go paint now. Yay! Happy Sunday! XOXO

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Naked Bowls

These photos are not the best, but it is raining outside and I get bad photos when I take them inside. These are my new porcelain bowls freshly made, not fired or glazed yet. Just wanted to share. Happy Wednesday! XOXO

P.S. I just took 20% off all my pendants and wall hangings in my ETSY site. I will only be making them at Christmas time from now on and want to move them, so go check them out while they are still around :-).