Saturday, April 19, 2008


I am still a bit wordless, and I have no photo today, but I did
see a great film "No Country for Old Men". I did not get a
chance to see it when it was in theaters, but rented it the
other night. I still can't get the movie out of my head.
Yes, for those of you who have not seen it, it is very violent,
brutal and bleak. I go for happy movies as a rule and this
was not a happy movie. But I loved this film. The dialogue
is so beautiful, that is the only word I can find to discribe
it. The acting is perfect. I can see why it won best picture.
The only thing missing was my Viggo :-).
I also watched "Into the Wild" another wonderful film, but
very, very sad.
That's it for today. Have a wonderful Sunday.


Unknown said...

Hi Annie, heard about the movie..but yet to watch it. I've got 2 awards for you, E for an excellent blog and a cute bear, sorry, i really hv no time on the linking as will be out of office and interness-less very soon (going back hometown, 9 hours drive away...)and you deserve it as i like visiting you everytime :)

willowtree said...

I watched it the other day, I thought it was good, but the ending was lazy.

Annie Coe said...

Willow tree, I totally agree. It was great up until the last 1/4th.
I thought maybe it was just me. I thought the rest made up for it though. I talked to a friend today
and they said the book was the same.

Em said...

I posted about NCFOM awhile back, I just didn't get it.

Into the Wild was interesting.

Annie Coe said...

Em, I know lots of people don't get it, the only thing for me was the script, the writing and the acting. I am a huge film freak and
this movie is still in my head 6 days later.
M.Kate,thank you for the awards!

Dagny said...

Oh I loved into the wild.

What an amazing story. too bad it ended so sadly. But I'll watch that one again for sure.

Paula In Pinetop said...

"Into The Wild" left quite an impression on me.

Don't think I'll watch "Old Men", it sounded too much of a downer and I try to stay away from them.

Off for the weekend.