Friday, February 28, 2014

New Painting

This is my latest painting in a series I started a few weeks back, there are many layers, perhaps ten or more to get this where I wanted it. The title is "Demolition". It is fitting because I am working on demolishing many old habits and ways of thinking and in doing this piece I took much sandpaper and even a big butcher knife to it :-). 12"x 12", venetian plaster, oil, graphite and cold wax.
If you click on image then click again you get a better idea of all the detail.
I always love to hear your thoughts, those that still blog :-).
Love. XOXO

Saturday, February 22, 2014


  Virginia Woolf describes exactly how I am feeling today and most days really, I thought I would share:
Beauty, the world seemed to say. And as if to prove it (scientifically) wherever he looked at the houses, at the railings, at the antelopes stretching over the palings, beauty sprang instantly. To watch a leaf quivering in the rush of air was an exquisite joy. Up in the sky swallows swooping, swerving, flinging themselves in and out, round and round, yet always with perfect control as if elastics held them; and the flies rising and falling; and the sun spotting now this leaf, now that, in mockery, dazzling it with soft gold in pure good temper; and now again some chime (it might be a motor horn) tinkling divinely on the grass stalks—all of this, calm and reasonable as it was, made out of ordinary things as it was, was the truth now; beauty, that was the truth now. Beauty was everywhere.
Virginia Woolf, from Mrs.Dalloway                                                                  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Painting

This is a new little 8"x 8" I just completed called "The Ghost". See the top 3 detail photos, I want to do them big, it will be a challenge as there is a lot of chance in my work, my process leaves a lot open so things can just happen, but I think I can get close, I will do a series of these paintings gradually going up in size until I reach the 47"x 47" goal. For now I have put all my other ideas and projects aside. Very excited and happy to be in the painting flow again :-).
Always love to hear your thoughts.
This image has been tumbled.

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Collage

This is my latest collage, 12"x 12", tea, rust and flowers dyed on rice paper, teabag rusted, venetian plaster, oil paint, shell, rock, thread, ink, cold wax on cradle board. I added a side view and detail shots. Titled "The Temple". If you double click you will be rewarded with great close ups. I like this piece a lot it calms me when I look at it :-). I love to hear your thoughts. This piece will be going to my ETSY shop soon.
Thank you all for your prayers for my friend, he is home from the hospital and recovering well.