Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weird Dream

I don't talk about my dreams very much on this
blog because I think my dreams are probably
boring to others, but this dream was so odd I
must share and if you have any insights please
let me know :-).
I am in New York City (a place I love). I am living
there and I have an apartment in a high rise building.
This place is so cool it has a grocery store on the top
floor and another floor with five restaurants.
My apartment was really big and wonderful and I
had a great view. At one point I was out on the
sidewalk and I looked up at the building and I thought
to myself "I live in New York!" And like that Talking Heads
song I thought "How did I get here?" I was really happy
to be there though. Then later in the dream it got really
strange and I was in the grocery store in just a t-shirt, no pants.
I kept telling everyone I talked to in the store that
I had to leave my apartment in a hurry :-). No time
for pants. Well that's the dream I hope it wasn't too
boring for you all.
I think the food part is that I am always starving
myself, so always hungry, so I dream about food :-).
The rest I have no idea. I will leave you with a photo
of two of my boys, brothers, Mr. B and Spike.
Have an amusing Sunday.


Julie said...

Love the dream. It really WAS odd. I wonder what it meant...

Unknown said...

many times i wondered what to make of my dreams, sometimes scary, sometimes good..

Dagny said...

That is strange. And funny. Well the pantsless part. heh.

I have also been having very strange ones, but mine have spurting arterial blood, and other assorted gore, so I don't think I'll be telling people about them. ;)