Thursday, May 1, 2008

New paintings

As promised here are photos of the two new little paintings.
The color is not perfect, but you get the idea. I do not like

these as much as the slightly bigger ones I did last and posted
here before the show. For what I am doing I need a bigger surface,
but the little 4"x4"'s were fun to do and I can sell them for cheaper
than the others. It was worth a try. I won't be doing anymore this
size. I have a big 47"x47" board waiting for me to finish and I will
either do that next or work on the book. Today I am doing nothing.
I should be cleaning, but I feel to read the day away and that is
what I will do :-). I am reading "No Country for Old Men", since
I loved the movie, I had to read the book and so far it is exactly
like the movie. I hope you all have a lovely Thurday and that
you are all doing exactly what you want to be doing too.


Dagny said...

OH I LOVE them!!!!!

How much does a 4x4 Annie go for? Cause I love original art. Not sure if I can afford you though!!


Annie Coe said...

dagny, thank you! These little guys go for 300 dollars in the gallery, while my other work goes for 1,000 and up
to 6,000. However I could do one for you like it and without going through the gallery do it for about 150 plus shipping or if that is too much we could talk :-). The sides are are about 2 inches and have a different design than the front. OXOX

Julie said...

I love them too. Just gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

wonderful painting !!

and I should see the movie soon since it had rave reviews. Not much time for movies nowadays and whenever we do get the chance to see one, it had to be IRON MAN this weekend as my son have been pestering me for weeks, so Iron Man ( here i come :)

Phoenix said...

Wow, I'm in awe! I love them! I can't afford to buy one but I wish you lots of luck selling them...though I don't think you'll need luck somehow!


Dagny said...

That sounds more than reasonable!!!

I'd lovelovelove to have your work on my wall. Work of people I know and care about means so much more. (in fact, my kitchen will be filled with photographs of food that the lovely Phoenix has taken for me)..

So yes, we will talk!!!


Annie Coe said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words
dagny send me an email when and if you want me to do one. These have already gone to the gallery and they take 5o%, but they may come back to me soon,or I could do a new one like it. so just think about what you want. I would love for you to have one :-).

Dagny said...

Oh yay!!!

I am so excited now!!

I'll talk to mr dagny and let you know! I know he loves original art as much as I do!


Annie Coe said...

dagny, you do realize they are really small? Smaller than the photo of them...Just want to make sure you know that :-) 4"x4" and 2 inches on the sides.