Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Random thoughts

This is my cat Mr. B, doesn't he look wise?
He looks like he knows something the rest
of us can only hope to learn one day :-).
Actually all my boys are wise. They are my
best friends and I am not sure I could live
without them :-).
I don't have much to report today. Life is quiet.
I did see a good movie, though it was very
violent, so be warned, "Eastern Promises".
It has one of my favorite actors in it, Viggo
Mortensen, and he is most wonderful as always.
I am still working on kindness and forgiveness.
It is a daily challenge, but it does get easier.
It feels much better to be loving than to be cranky
and mean. Everyday we are given a choice many
times over and always it is best to choose love.
Don't you think? Have a great day.

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