Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr.B

The love of my life is having a
birthday today and I just wanted
to send him a little birthday message
here. I love you more each day and I
wish we were able to be together today.
But since we can't be I send you a thousand
kisses through the cosmos :-).
I have been working on my non judgment
challenge and also on forgiveness. It seems
to get a bit easier as I go, but still sometimes
it's tricky. The little ego really hates it when
you are kind and loving :-).
However, I feel it is very important to put
that little monster in it's place. It has no power.
Love is the only thing that has any power in this
world. So, today and everyday my goal is to love
and to be kind. To forgive all things big and small.
I wish you all a happy weekend. I love you.

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