Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy, happy first day of the year!

I had a wonderful start to the new year, Mr. B
called me at midnight and the love went right
though the telephone wires :-). I feel so full
of love. I feel like anything can happen this year.
I am starting with a huge armful of love and delight.
Not just love for Mr. B, though that is a fierce love,
a powerful, complete love, but I am also full of love
for my family, friends, my boys, the world! Life is open
and wonderful. There are no barriers to what I want.
I walk in a world of no limits. I wish the same for all
of you. May you walk in love.
Today my plan is to make up little notes of love and
then walk about and put them in places where hopefully
people will find them. I have done this before and it feels
wonderful. Spreading the joy. I have read other blogs
where people are doing the same sort of thing and it just
warms my heart.
Have a most wonderful day! I love you.


Neil said...

I love the idea of love going right
though the telephone wires!

Annie Coe said...

Hi Neil, I am so thrilled you stopped by, I am a huge fan of your blog, though I have never posted a comment, but I will! Blessings, Annie