Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mysteries and Miracles

Greetings everyone. I love the number nine.
It is a miracle number. Most people know this
fact, but not everyone, so just so you don't miss
this knowledge in your lifetime, I am going to
tell you why: If you multiply nine by any number,
any number at all and then add up the sum of the
numbers you get, it ALWAYS adds up to nine. Did
you get that? Let's say we multiply 9 by 1, 034.
We get 9, 306, add those numbers up and it comes to: 18,
add those up and it comes to 9!!!! It is fun to try and
find a mistake in this miracle, but it can't be done.
I know because I have tried. I really love it.
God must be real, or how do you explain this wonderful
fact? I am feeling light and giddy and full of gratitude.
Not so the last couple days, but the clouds have lifted
and I see the sun again :-). Have a wonderful weekend.
I love you.

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