Sunday, January 13, 2008


My thoughts today are all about change.
Why do we dislike change? Why do we fear it?
I think it has a lot to do with uncertainty and
fear of the unknown. However, if things always
stay the same it gets pretty boring, doesn't it?
I have always been very adaptable and once
I get used to an idea I go with the flow pretty
easily. I actually crave change every ten years.
I seem to move, or do something radical just
to stir things up. I have lived in the same
house for nine years and I am ready for a big
change. Ready to get rid of half of what I own
and try something different. I am ready to live
with a man and go through the give and take of
a relationship. I think I can do it and I think I will
be good at it. I love to give of myself and I have a lot
of love to give and to share. I am ready.
Note: You may or may not have noticed that
I have removed my photo. The reason is because
my mother and several friends informed me that
it was not a good photo and that I was much more
attractive :-). Also they told me it made me look
older than I was. So it is banished.
I will work on having a better photo taken soon.

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