Monday, January 28, 2008

Bliss out

My cat Spike has three dots that make a heart
whenever he moves. He is also a love, so it is
perfect for him. It is raining out and turning
the snow to mud/sludge. I am a bit under the
weather and not feeling bad, not feeling good
either. Just sort of blah. When I feel this way
I like to make a list of things that bring me bliss;
1. Mr. B
2. My boys
3. Painting
4. Writing
5. Reading a great book with a cup of hot chocolate.
6. Watching a really wonderful movie.
7. Running on a sunny, chilly day in the crunchy snow.
8. Visiting with good friends.
9. Visiting with family.
10. Eating a great pasta meal.
Okay, after I make the list I go out and do as many
of the things on my list as I can. Today that would
be reading, writing, painting and watching a great
movie with my boys next to me. I feel better already :-).

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