Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Be kind

I am still in thinking mode.
However, I do have a few things to report.
First I would like to congratulate Mr. B on
buying his first house! He is in mid process
right now and I am very happy for him :-).
I would also like to say I love you to all my friends
and family and new blog friends.
Even though very few of you comment(3 to be exact),
I know you are coming and reading and I thank
you. This week I am working on love, and kindness.
This morning I stopped my car for a man and let his
car into my lane then he gave me the finger? What is up?
I did not get mad, but sent him love, even though
I was a bit baffled by his anger. He must be having
a really lousy morning. I don't think people are mean
by nature, or maybe they are :-), but that does not
mean I have to lower myself to that level.
Have a lovely day everyone. :-)

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