Sunday, January 20, 2008

Letting go

I love this little painting because it reminds
me of my two sides. Part of me is easy going
and does not hang onto things, people or ideas.
However, I have this other part of me that wants
to hang on to everything. I know in my heart that
the best thing to do is to always let go. Hold nothing
so tightly as to strangle the life out of it :-). The
last couple days I have been struggling with this
issue and I am making a bit of head way. I need
to let go of a few things, especially ideas that I
have held and believed. Time for some new more
helpful beliefs to make themselves at home in
my mind. It is work, but nothing ever changes
without some effort. It always helps me to write
things out here, then I know where I am ;-).
Have a great weekend.

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