Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Animal Wednesday (a little early)

My handsome Spike went to the vet today (see below post). I did not get the miracle I wanted,
but I did get the minimum I was willing to accept. The stone in his bladder has not gotten smaller, but it is not bigger either. He is basically the same and holding his own. He has lost a pound and a half, which I thought was a good thing as he is an overweight kitty, but the vet said it was not good for him to lose weight as it stresses his kidneys, this makes no sense to me. Any vet techs out there want to explain, please do. I am grateful he is not worse. We will continue to do our best. Everyday with Spike is a great gift. He is a wonderful, wonderful cat. Thank you all for your prayers and love. XOXO


Lubna said...

Hi Annie
I agree, Spike is a wonderful wonderful kitty. I think, when you lose weight, your kidneys have to overwork to throw the fat, toxins etc out of your system (I am no vet). Thus the kidneys have to overwork. Have a nice day and give Spike a big hug from me.

Doris Sturm said...

He is a sweet and handsome boy - I love his face! May God bless him and keep him comfortable and painfree. I don't like for anyone to suffer. I have animals too that are my family because I have very little actual human contact, but they are my babies and I know how you feel about your boy. I will continue to pray for him and you, both! All the best.
Doris and the critters.

kj said...

annie, i am glad to hear that spike is stable. i know how well you love and care for him.

stella got released today, just two more days of steroids. the stitches and bandages are off, no limping on her sore leg. looking good. we're told the cancer could come back in weeks, months or years, so it's up to a source we will pray to and trust.

meanwhile, i am off tomorrow and psyched!

love love

Jos said...

Aw what a lovely cat Spike is. I'm glad he is holding his own and I hope he continues to do so for a long time. xx Jos

Laura Doyle said...

So happy to hear Spike is holding up, Annie. I recently had to do some reading on the subject of cats losing weight while sick b/c of Benny. When cats lose weight b/c of an illness, the fat isn't being burned, it's being used for energy/nourishment which can overload and bog down the kidneys which aren't accustomed to processing so much fat. It can clog them.

Have you tried nutri-cal to keep his weight up? I have mixed feelings b/c of the corn syrup in it, but it's very high in nourishment and calories for kitties that shouldn't lose weight. Also, there are many herbs available that dissolve stones. I'm not sure about herbs and pets but I'm sure some research could definitely help. I was able to find a few things...

but not many. Here are some herbs used to dissolve and surpress stones in people - antilithics. (It may transfer to cats?)

Beans (like kidney, green, navy, pinto) - medicinal part is beans and pod

Bearberry - medicinal part is the leaves

Birch - medicinal part is young leaves and bark

Brier hips - medicinal part is the fruit

Chervil - medicinal part is the flowering herb

Cucumber - medicinal part is the fruit

Knotweed - medicinal part is the flowering herb

Meadowsweet - medicinal part is the whole plant

Pipsissewa - medicinal part is the whole plant

Wild Plum - medicinal part is the fruit, flowers, and bark of the root

Wild Hydrangea - medicinal part is the root

Robin said...

How I love that wonderful and intelligent furry face! Spike IS a fighter...and he will fight to survive. He has the best Mum - YOU - ....You have already given him many more months of an excellent life.... here's to even more!

Love to all 5,

♥ Robin ♥

Annie said...

Lubna-Thank you and thanks for the info. xoxo
Doris-Thank you. Right now Spike seems to be comfortable and not in pain, he is only stressed when he gets his fluids twice a week.
Kj-Thank you and I am so glad Stella is better. I will keep her in my prayers. Have agreat day off!
Jos-Nice to see you here, thank you.xoxo
ZA-Thank you so much for all the info. I have been doing some research too. I am afraid to give him some things as I just don't know what it will do to cats, but I am sure I will find something, even though the vet says nothing will dissolve the stone, not that I believe her :-).xoxo

Annie said...

Robin-Thank you. Spikee knows his aunt Robin loves him.

studio lolo said...

Annie, I just came by to stalk you and will comment on this later when I get home;)

yay Spikers for holding your own!

Annie, did the vet say what type of stone? Calcium Oxylate stones can't be disolved.

More later!


Anonymous said...

So glad he isn't any worse Annie- that in itself is progress: he isn't any worse so that is a cause to be happy.

angela recada said...

Hang in there Spike! Sending you all our love.
Angela and Skitzi

Annie said...

Lolo-:-). Yes, that is the stone. But you know I believe in impossible things, at least six before breakfast :-). I am glad you are here. xoxo
Melanie-Thank you sweetie and I agree.xoxo
Angela-Thank you. Love and hugs.

~Babs said...

Spike is a beauty, and I DO hope he continues to stay stable. I also believe in impossibles. They're called Miracles.
My sheltie Mille had to have a toe amputated today,,so we'll be expecting miracles for each other, okay?

becky said...

Annie... I'm glad he isn't any worse. He sure is a cutie.

soulbrush said...

i am not a cat person, but what a gorgeous little darling, wishing spike well and maybe recovery too. (so funny my bulldog when i was a child was called spike!)

ExtraO said...

He is very handsome. :-)

Kate P said...

Hang in there, Mr. Spike. We love your cute smudgy nose.