Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Randomness

Yay! It is Sunday and you know how much I love Sundays. No matter what, usually it is a painting day (I paint on other days as well, but Sunday is my sacred painting day :-). I have 4 paintings started at the moment, I hope to finish at least one in the next two days. Photos to follow.
The show at Cafe Loka has begun, I forgot to take photos, but I promise I will at some point.
I took this photo outside of Cafe Loka many months ago, thought I would share, doesn't it look like the top of a castle? Those are pigeons sitting on top.
Not much going on besides art and that is just how I like it. It is too hot to go anywhere anyway, we are having a heatwave and being so close to the sun here in New Mexico it is very intense if it goes over 90.
I hope you all have a wonderful day. Love. XOXO


Doris Sturm said...

I'm hibernating indoors as well - the heat is stifling and I can only pray the electricity will last.

Stay cool and happy painting.

becky said...

Annie, congrats on your show!!! That's awesome!
The picture you took is interesting, almost looks like a painting! I'm jealous of your sun... I haven't seen much of sun this week at all... summer seems to have forgotten to make it to southern oregon. Have a wonderful sunday... I know it's "your day!"
ps! yes, can't wait to see your paintings hanging at the cafe!

Unknown said...

Happy Sun Day :>)

soulbrush said...

what a great photo. and what a great way to spend your sundays. lotsa love as always.

~Babs said...

Happy for you, Annie!
All the best with your showing,,,cafes can be great opportunities.
Yesterday it was 102 here,,heat wave for sure. Today is much cooler at only 90.
Staying inside here too,,,and this has been a painting Sunday for me too. YAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Annie said...

Doris-Stay cool, I don't have air conditioning, so I sweat it out :-).
Becky-Thank you, I hope you get some sun soon! xoxo
Shiny-Happy day to you too.xoxo
Joss-Always happy to see you! xoxo
Babs-We were leaving comments on each others blogs at the same time! LOL. Happy painting! xoxo

sukipoet said...

hope you had a great painting day. At least it's dry heat out your way, and i adore the heat myself, esp if dry. Good luck w/the show.

studio lolo said...

I went from a perfect climate in central CA back to hot and humid. I had forgotten how naturally curly my hair was until the humidity becamse my hairdresser!!

Annie, I think I'm going to pretend those are ravens:)

I hope you get a lot of traffic and sales at the show. Keep us posted!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the cafe photos. We seem to have one good day followed by a poor day weather wise. It's good though as i can be out one day and in the next.