Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Animal Wednesday (Coyote)

Today, I captured my first Coyote, on video that is :-). The first video(Blogger put it on the bottom, I wanted it on the top, so watch the the one below the post first, then go to the top one) is of her (not sure why I thought it was a her, but I know it was) waiting for the right second to capture a little prairie dog, the second video is after she had done so and was finishing her meal and taking off, sorry I was a little shaky and I was too far away to get a really good image, but I did my best. I felt sorry for the prairie dog, but I was also hoping she would catch it as she was so thin and looked hungry. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that a coyote sighting always means big changes for me, I think this is a very good sign :-) as I am making big changes and working magic in my life right now. Happy Wednesday. XOXO


Yoli said...

I am glad things are moving for you sweet girl. Wonderful capture of the cayote. I love them so much. I think I love everything that is misunderstood.

studio lolo said...

it's a beautiful example of survival of the fittest as well as living off the land, life comes full circle, etc.

I hope this was a wonderful omen for you Miss Annie.


kj said...

annie, this is so cool!!!

first the video and then your narration! now that i know you, annie, i have to say that i get excited when you become this trusting and sure of yourself.

it makes me feel that way too. ♥


Annie Coe said...

I too love everything that is misunderstood and I always go for the underdog. xoxo
Lo, Yes, and I am so happy she got to eat! xoxo
Kj, Sweet! I often am not trusting and sure of myself, but the process in my book has helped beyond words. I wish I could buy everyone a copy it would change the world :-).xoxo

Doris Sturm said...

Where I lived in California, there were lots of Coyotes right behind the was located near a Nature Preserve and you could hear them howling at night and their pups too. I also feel sorry for them. They have been pushed around and eradicated by man since the ages...very, very sad!

Lori ann said...

What a treat, I would have loved to have been there too Annie. I love that's theres an order to nature and the food chain is alive and well.

I'm glad the coyote and big changes are there and making you happy.
Happy Wednesday to you too!


Anonymous said...

Well done Annie for getting the shots at all. You can cut and paste viseo to where you want them usually. Blogger puts them at the bottom regardless of the order you upload them with photos.

becky said...

The cycle of life~ glad she could eat too... though I once saw a snake w/ baby bunny in it's mouth, and it made me sad. Glad to hear you are working magic. How's your mom doing?

Marion said...

This coyote looks like she has pups to feed. I'm glad she was able to find food. I love coyotes.

I loved your narration, Annie, what a sweet voice you have! I hope this omen will give you wonderful changes and movement in your life. xoxo

ExtraO said...

Very cool that you were able to get a video. I saw a coyote about a week ago on my morning walk. It freaked me out.

deborah from collagewhirl said...

Hi Annie. I have recently become a follower of your blog and am enjoying your posts. When you mentioned prairie dogs, I immediately thought of black footed ferrets--are there any in your area? I think they live further north, but that would be so great if their population is growing!

sukipoet said...

This is a little bit like Wild Kingdom! Most interesting. Hope coyote has brought you luck.

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

Coyote magic sounds wonderful! I am glad to hear that you are flourishing, Annie. Be happy...

nollyposh said...

"Coyote reminds us that enlightenment is best found in experience, with every experience offering learning and a chance to better ourselves... Coyote nurtures sacred understanding between what is morally sound and what is not... Coyote encourages us to throw caution to the wind, to experience trial and error and to learn from our mistakes... It teaches us to laugh for the sake of laughing, to experience pleasure, to shun fear and apprehension and to celebrate life..." (from the book by Scott Alexander King- "Animal Messenger")

... Annie i am always amazed when nature/animals are so close to us, i just wish we were better at sharing our space with them...

Looks like *You* are X:-)


Nina said...

I love coyotes and I love this pic. I have been thinking about you even though I haven't stopped by in a long while. (((((hugs))))))

Unknown said...

Thanks for the post dear Annie...we dont see them here. You have a good weekend my ya :)

Annie said...

Doris-Yes,it is sad! xoxo
Lori-Thank you!xoxo
Melanie-Thanks for the info.xoxo
Becky-I know what you mean, but i was happy for the coyote, though the PD's cried for a while after it happened. That made me sad. Mom is good, I will do an update soon.
Marion-Thank you! I love coyotes too. xoxo
EOM-Why did it freak you out? xoxo
Collage Whirl-Welcome! I don't think the Black Footed Ferrets live here, but I don't know for sure. xoxo
Suki-Yes, Wild Kingdom :-). xoxo
Jan-Thank you!xoxo
Nolly-Thank you for all the info, very interesting.xoxo
Nina! So glad you stopped by, it has been forever, I still read your blog, but never comment.
I hope you are well. xoxo
M.Kate-Love you too. xoxo

Kate P said...

You are quite the nature observer! That probably was the closest I've ever been to a coyote. :) Best wishes as you make your changes.

kj said...

annie, i am thinking of you right now.


Robin said...

You KNOW how I am when it comes to animals - killing, pain, etc. Although I was certain you had not recorded the Prairie Dog's death, but I didn't want to hear about it.
Especially during this time of extreme emotion in my life...I couldn't handle it. The photo of the Coyote is wonderful, though.


♥ Robin ♥

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