Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Animal Wednesday

This is Finn, a clients dog. She just got him from a shelter, he had been abandoned, now I ask you who would abandon a dog like this? Finn is 5 months old and he is a doll, sweet and radiant. I love him :-).
Happy Wednesday! XOXO


studio lolo said...

There are so many people who think animals are disposable "things."
We unfortunately live in a disposable society. Lucky for the animals that you and I and many of us "recycle" and give these pets a new chance ;)

Finn is a doll!!


Doris Sturm said...

Awww....I'm so happy Finn got rescued - what a adarling dog!

I could never understand animal abandonment... but I sure am happy for Finn. He looks like he'll make a really great pet :-)

Robin said...

What a sweetie! A lot of love in that face! I am so happy Finn has a wonderful home, good parents and a loving Auntie Anne!

♥ Robin ♥

Anonymous said...

What a lovely clever lad he looks. No I can't understand abandoning a dog. Maybe he was too intelligent for the old "owners"? :-)

Lynn Cohen said...

Cute doggie and he goes so well with the couch! LOL

~Babs said...

Beautiful blue eyed Finn!

Abandonment, never!
"In for a penny, in for a pound"

Annie said...

Lo-If I had money and space there would be no end to the animals I would rescue!xoxo
Doris-He is a wonderful boy and he is already potty trained and stays when you tell him.xoxo
Robin-Yes, he is very LOVED!!!xoxo
Melanie-Yes, I bet that is it :-).
Lynn-Yes, he does indeed match the sofa :-).xoxo
Babs-"For life" is my motto! xoxo

becky said...

He's adorable, Annie. Who would abandon a dog, period. I have a friend who rescued a dog in Santa Fe- they now live in Maine. Her name is Fara... short for faralito :)

nollyposh said...


kj said...

a dog on the couch is always a good sign for the dog and the owner.

i wish i could save every dog in need in all of the u.s., europe and australia.

Lori ann said...

Finn is beautiful. I love his smile.

Kate P said...

What a cute, bright-eyed pup!

sukipoet said...

love his little freckles and sweet smile. glad he found a loving home.

Erin Davis said...

Our dog is named Finn, too! Heartbreaking that someone would abandon him. I'm glad he found you, though.