Sunday, June 27, 2010


First, thank you all for your prayers, they are very much appreciated. My mom is much improved, she had slurred speech and could not use her left hand, but she speaks much better now and has worked hard to get her left hand working, and she can walk, which was a concern.
She is out of ICU. I still don't know when she will be home, but should have the answer soon.
I have not sold any paintings (yet) (see post below for details), but dear Angela bought two of my wall hangings, so that it $27 for me and $3 for the sea turtles, Thank you Angela! Every little bit helps. I also wanted you to know that if any of you want a painting, but just can't swing the price, let me know (email me) and perhaps we can work out something, I am willing to go down in price if you really want one.
Blessings and Happy Sunday! XOXO


soulbrush said...

blessings to mom from

Doris Sturm said...

Glad to hear your mom's improving. Hope you sell more paintings.
God bless you, your mom and the animals.
Doris :-)

angela recada said...

Oh Annie, I'm so glad your mom is getting better! I'll keep sending good thoughts and prayers her way. I wish I could do more. . .

How are your boys doing? Is dear little Spike eating again?

Sending you lots of love and hugs,

sukipoet said...

annie, glad your mom is out of ICU and things are looking better for her. Always a tense time for everyone. Prayers to her and to you. Love, suki

Teri and her Stylish Cats ~ Coco the Couture Cat, FurryDance Brighton, and Disco NoFurNo said...

Oh Annie, how scary for both your mom, and you. But so good to see improvement already. I hope you can get out there to be with her soon...may your art have you winging your way to her, and also have you buoyed by getting your art 'out there' bringing joy in many ways.

Hope that Spike is back to eating, too. I know how worried I still am about Brighton and how going away is kind of frightening now, as they can worsen so quickly.

You are in my thoughts...

Annie said...

Joss-Thank you.xoxo
Doris-Thank you.xoxo
Angela-Hello sweet thing. Thank you and yes, Spike is eating again, it seems it was the herbal stuff I bought that was supposed to help kitties with kidney problems, but it must have upset his tummy. Sending it back for a refund.
You did a lot. Hugs.xoxo
Suki-Thank you.xoxo
Teri-Thank you. yes, it is hard to leave the babies. Saying prayers for Brighton. xoxo

ExtraO said...

I am happy to hear that your mom is doing better. I hope she continues to improve. Good luck with the paintings, Annie. :-)

kj said...

annie, your spirit will carry you. i know you know that. it's too bad that spirit of yours can't fly non stop. i'm glad to hear your Mom is stable and doing better. i think of her and Spike and i know you know it's best to trust that you will be where you need to be.

i hope the paintings sell or the work appears high and temporary, so you can make your plans and be relieved abit.

love you, annie

Annie said...

EOM-Thank you. xoxo
Kj-I am doing great Kj, no worries, Making plans and expecting the money to show up, and it will one way or another :-).
Spike is fine and now I am looking for the perfect petsitter. One step at a time. Always in the moment.
Love you too.

Anonymous said...

So glad your Mum is doing better. Hugs.

Good luck with your sale.

studio lolo said...

yay Mom!! Yay Spike!!

Prayers really do work ;)

Annie, have you ever thought of putting your stuff on Etsy? There are a lot of artists there, but we all have a place to fit in ;)

If you decide you want to try it and need help, I'll help you!


Annie said...

Melanie-Thank you.xoxo
Lo-LOL, perhaps my ETSY store is not visable enough on my sidebar?
I have an ETSY store, though I am not selling these paintings on there, I have my older paintings and my ceramic stuff on there, though I am getting low as I have not done ceramics for many months.
Check it out. Plus in my SOS post I said I would give 10% of my sales on ETSY to the sea turtles. Hugs for your help with Spike. xoxo

becky said...

Hi Annie~ I've been away from the computer for a few days... I'm sorry to hear about your mom & the her stroke. How far away does she live from you? I do hope that you can be with her soon, and all my wishes for her speedy recovery.
xo, becky

Unknown said...

Dearest Annie, I have missed you and missed too many post here too. Firstly, all prayers for your mom and that she gets better soon. Love..M

Kate P said...

Thanks for the update! Continued prayers.

Annie said...

Becky-She lives in Portland Oregon.
I will be going soon, hopefully in the next few weeks. Thank you for your prayers.xoxo
M.Kate-I have missed you too, very much. Thank you for the prayers.xoxo
Kate.P-Thank you!xoxo