Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Painting

(Click on image to enlarge and see the yummy detail)
Here is my latest painting. The photos are not great, but I lost patience with trying to get the perfect shot, some paintings are just impossible to get good photos of and this is one of them :-).
This one is a bit larger then the other new pieces, 12"x12", Venetian plaster and pigment on board. Another "Dreaming of Paris " #4. Please let me know what you think.
Today is Sunday, YAY! As usual I will be painting and reading and birdwatching and blogging, all my normal, wonderful, Sunday pastimes. I hope you all have a grand day! XOXO


Brandi Reynolds said...

found you through kikipotamus and I just wanted to say your work is beautiful!

Annie said...

Brandi-Thank you so much for the lovely comment. xoxo

Jenn said...

very cute artwork! :) I like the feelings that come with this! ;) ~Jenn

Robin said...

Spirited and playful! You must have had such fun creating this!


♥ Robin ♥

Annie said...

Jen-Thank you :-). xoxo
Robin-Thank you, Yes, I have more fun painting than anything in the world, except maybe loving up my boys, but of course you already know that :-). xoxo

kj said...

OH! what total fun, annie. i especially like the bottom blue corners (great blue color) and all the circles that make me feel so happy!

i hope you've had a super day. i'm back home, have to work tomorrow, but it's from home, which is much easier. maybe some time for the garden too, i hope. love to you, girlfriend!

Annie said...

Kj-Glad you like it! Have fun tomorrow at home and do try to spend a little time outside in the garden, it is so good for the soul, the boys and I played outside a little this morning before it got too hot. Love to you too! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I like how you can see through the layers in the centre showing a little of the work which is underneath. It makes me wonder what else has been covered up and yet to be revealed. Nice idea.

studio lolo said...

You have a way with layers and textures Annie! I can just see you scratching into pieces and slathering plaster and paint with a HUGE grin on your face. Sheer bliss for you, right?

Your happiness comes through in each piece ;)

Hugs to the boys...and you!♥

~Babs said...

The layers, the textures,the color,
the vibe.
Yep, it's all there,wrapped around this chunky canvas like a big 'ol present!
Love it!

angela recada said...

I just love this entire series, Annie! The colors and shapes and textures are so joyful.

I thought of you this weekend when I attended the Lakefront Festival of the Arts along Lake Michigan this weekend. There were several other fabulous New Mexico artists there!
Love you,

Marion said...

I love the circles and the fact that the painting continues on the sides, with that awesome blue! I'll bet you had great fun with this...the painting gives off such joyful energy! It's really lovely and fun.

ExtraO said...

this one is fun!

Annie said...

Melanie-I love that peeka boo thing too, glad you noticed it :-).
Lololo-Yes, pure bliss, glad you can see it :-). Hugs back dear Lo and to your animal kids too.
Babs-Thank you! xoxo
Angela-Thank you sweetie, and thank you for thinking of me, wish I could have been there!Love you back. xoxo
Marion-Thank you and yes, If I am not having fun when I paint I stop painting and turn the piece to the wall for a while :-).xoxo
EOM-Thank you. xoxo

Lori ann said...

How lovely! this painting makes me so happy, it seems full of joy. thank you annie for the kind words and for your contribution.
and it's so nice to meet you.
x lori

(i made this comment and then read the others, i see it makes everyone happy! so great)

Annie said...

Lori-Thank you! You have inspired me to do something special for the Gulf, more about that later. xoxo

soulbrush said...

the photos look great here on my computer. these are very happy go lucky images, good for you! lotsa huggles.

Annie said...

Joss-Thank you, a bunch of huggles back at you.

becky said...

I like this one lots, Annie... so much motion & life in it!