Friday, June 18, 2010

Raven Visit

I have a rare Friday off and this morning I was watching the birds that come to eat the birdseed I put out for them and for the very first time a huge Raven came and sit on my fence. At first I was thinking, what is that huge bird, then I got a closer look and saw it was my beloved Raven.
Maybe it was Renee saying hi. I did not have time to get my camera and take a photo of him and had I tried I would have missed time with him, so I found this photo to share.
Happy Friday Raven sisters! XOXO


studio lolo said...

Annie, that's me and Renee stopping by to say hello!

I'm at KJ's right now taking care of Stella :)

I'm not used to this computer but it was so sweet of JB to set me up with one.

I hope you and the boys have a wonderful weekend!


Annie said...

Oh, lucky you to be at kjb's and lucky them to have you as the world's best pet sitter! You have a wonderful weekend too!

Doris Sturm said...

A long, long time ago when I was a child growing up in Germany, our neighbors had a raven (or a raven pair) who they taught how to speak...

Annie said...

Doris- How wonderful! I know they can talk, and i love that about them :-).

Lynn Cohen said...

Nice to have visitations!!!!!!!!!!!!

xxx said...

Lovely to feel Renee visit with you.

I think of her often and it makes me smile.
She's very much missed and will always be loved.

I like what doris said about teaching them to talk.
Now wouldn't that be funny if one flew in for a chat?

I didn't know that they could talk.

x Robyn

Annie said...

Lynn and Robyn-yes, I love it when Renee visits me. I think of her everyday, she was an angel.

Yoli said...

Beautiful photo and sentiment. Renee is never far away when I sit down to look at my blog. She was and is such an angel. I have wanted to get the little burning flame to place on my blog but do not know how.

Erin Davis said...

Ravens have inspired many poems, and your ravens today inspired thoughts of your friends. Thanks for sharing, Annie.

Marion said...

Annie, last week I had a Raven come and try out the seeds in the Feeder. It was decidedly odd, since the Ravens are not interested in the seeds...they'd far rather nab one of the bones the dogs leave around.

He stayed for a long time. He didn't eat the seeds; he just sat and stared into the house. And I stared back at him.

I hardly knew Renee.But I felt there was something the bird wanted me to hear...I was just not picking up on it. Interesting!

Unknown said...

Your Ravens obviously love you, don't you think?

Robin said...

They really are extraordinary birds.... intelligent and with a fantastic sense of humour! I can almost hear Doris' friends' Ravens chatting away auf Deutsch!

Yes, Renee looks after us all - still... such a large, caring heart will NEVER be stopped.


♥ Robin ♥

Jos said...

I love that Renee has found such a meaningful way to visit you Annie. Love the fact that she lives on in so many of our lives. xx Jos

soulbrush said...

wow you are at kj's house lo, you are the very best person in the whole world to look after her stella. lovely ravens.

~Babs said...

A great Raven photo,,and I can certainly imagine how you felt when yours visited.
She's never far away,,,Spirit of Renee.
In my teenage years there was a clothing store we frequented that had a raven that talked.
When he saw a customer he would say:
"Like it, charge it!"
Such a hoot,,,the store was too expensive for me to afford much, but I went in often just to look around, and listen to him, and watch the look on customers' faces who didn't know.

~Babs said...

PS: The bird I'm speaking of was a 'mynah' bird. I'm not sure if they're the same as a raven,,,or not.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a priviledge Annie! The king of the corvids! Things are afoot!

Jos said...

I just had to come back here Annie. Sunday was a day off for me so I went to the beach (south cost of England). Whilst everyone pootled off to get ice-cream I was enjoying a few moments peace.

And then this enormous black bird arrived ... and circled really low over my head 3 times before flying away. I'm not kidding, this is for real.

I think perhaps Renee is doing the rounds. I like to think so anyway. xx Jos