Monday, May 31, 2010


I was going to do a Memorial Day post, but there is a little guy in my life named Spike who has a very important day tomorrow and I wanted to ask all of you to say prayers for a miracle.
Spike goes to the vet tomorrow to have blood tests and x-rays. We need to see what is happening with the stone in his bladder and also how he is doing since his kidney failure almost 7 months ago. The vet told me a lot of things and mostly she told me that everything I want the tests to say tomorrow is impossible, however I believe in miracles and I am expecting her to tell me that the stone has disappeared and that he no longer needs sub-Q fluids. At the very least I want her to tell me that the stone has not grown and that he is doing fine. I just won't allow anything else. I love this boy.
I am also remembering all my loved ones that have passed on, all my grandparents, my dad, my cousins, many friends and of course our dear Renee.
Blessings and love to you today. xoxo


Laura Doyle said...

I will sure be keeping Spike in all my most shining thoughts and prayers, Annie. I believe a miracle is a co-creation between all involved and the spectacular force of God/Universe/Light. We can do it as long as little Spike wants to as well.

Also, I recently had some very serious kitty illness issues and I traded some soap for some kitty reiki work which seemed to do absolute wonders for my Benny. If that's an option for you, I'd look into it. Let us know what happens.

Lynn Cohen said...

I am praying your prayers are answered for Spikes full recovery. He looks so forlorn in this adorable photo. Hugs from me and Henry V.

angela recada said...

All my love to you and the boys, especially little Spike. I'll be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.
Lots of love and huge hugs,

sukipoet said...

sending prayers for Spike. He is a brave kitty and has a loving Mom. He is lucky.

Cate said...

prayers, love and healing light surround you and Spike now. stay strong, miracles surround us and come in many forms!

hugs from me and all of my furkids, fred, sweetie, kitty and chief!

(3 kitties and a chocolate lab?)


kj said...

all my love too to you and spikey.

stella goes to the vet tomorrow too and i wish for what you wish you.

i've pretty much decided: no more steroids. they have been murder on her.

i will think of you and your guys tomorrow, annie. i love how you trust your thought to create reality.

i love you, annie!


Doris Sturm said...

Prayers are with you and Spike for a favorable outcome at the Vet's tomorrow. I know how important our pets are to us. In my case, they are my family as everyone I love lives so far away!

I hope you had a peaceful and enjoyable Memorial Day today!

Caroline said...

I will keep Spike in my prayers! I love black and white cats. We are awaiting some test results on one of your furry critters. Best wishes!!


Anonymous said...

My prayers go out to Spike. What a beautiful boy. He reminds me of my tuxedo, Zelus, who also loved to drape his paws down over the edges of things like that.

Anonymous said...

I hope the results for Spike are all you want them to be. Everythign crossed for him.

Annie said...

Thank you everyone for your loving comments and thoughts and prayers.
I will update after the visit today.