Monday, June 21, 2010

My First Real Video (Where I Run)

This is a little video I took out where I go with my dog to run and walk. I am sorry that the color is so off, it is very hazy because of the fires in Santa Fe. I hope you enjoy, watch for a very special guest :-). Robin, and mom I know you will recognize this spot, having been there many times! Happy Monday. XOXO


Anonymous said...

What a lovely area to explore and great to have a voice to the name and face. :-)

ExtraO said...

ANNIE!!! How fun to hear your voice!! It really does look like a fantastic place to live and play.

sukipoet said...

how fun to see the landscape like this and to hear your voice. That hummingbird was special for sure! Thanks.

~Babs said...

A really fun thing,,seeing where you live. Loved hearing your voice,,,a really nice, soothing voice, and seemingly without any accent.(Not that there would be one.)
Are you an original New Mexico gal?

Annie said...

Melanie-Some day I will make a better video, it is much more beautiful than you can see here.
EOM-:-). Yes, it is has it's good side. xoxo
Suki-He came out of no where and flew right in front of my camera, just for you all. xoxo
Babs-Thank you, I moved here 13 years ago, lived in San Francisco for 20 years before that and in Oregon for most of the rest of my childhood.xoxo

Kate P said...

Thanks for the tour! Your dog did great. :) So did that hummingbird. Wow!

Robin said...

Wonderful.... yes, this brings back many happy memories..... it is great to see Zeus-y and the Hummingbird.... the sweet little guy!

Good job on your first video!


♥ Robin ♥

Doris Sturm said...

That was fun...reminds me when I lived in Santa Fe (where my daughter was born) in a red Adobe ;-) I don't miss the whistling and howling of the wind though - that lonesome, haunting sound always depressed me, but I loved the clean, fresh air! Very healthy climate!

Thanks for the video. I enjoyed it! Hope your cats are doing well.

Annie said...

Robin-I thought you might enjoy that :-). xoxo
Doris-I kind of like the wind thing :-). The cats are doing well, I am trying some herbal stuff for kidneys made by a vet, they are on day 5, it will take about 2 weeks to see any difference.Fingers crossed. xoxo

kj said...


to quote the jabbering monkey from monkey preschool lunchbox, "yay! you did it! way to go! good job!:

it's nice to hear your voice, annie.

studio lolo said...

Okay, first I'm looking for the snakes...but then I'm lost in your world and missing the west. Thank you for a glimpse Annie. So nice to walk with you and your dog, and of course the hummer ;)

And I too loved hearing your voice! ♥

Annie said...

Kj-You made me laugh, again :-). xoxo
Lo, there are rattle snakes, but I NEVER see them and it is a good thing :-). xoxo

Marion said...

It's great to hear your voice, Annie! And what a beautiful spot to take your dog for a run...sagebrush is indeed a favourite of mine!

And the hummingbird appeared just for you...

angela recada said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! What a beautiful spot!!!!!!!!!
It was such a treat to finally get to hear your sweet voice, too!!!!!
Aren't hummingbirds amazing? I adore them, too. Do you think it may have been sent by Renee???? To say hello to us all????
I didn't realize that there are fires in Santa Fe now, too. We've just been hearing about the ones in Scottsdale. I was in New Mexico the year there were those huge fires in Colorado. We drove through them - so sad to see so much destruction.

Thanks for the video, sweetie!

Much love and many hugs,

Annie said...

Marion-Oh,I think the hummer was for all of us :-). xoxo
Angela-This fire was caused by lightening and when it is natural I don't worry about it as much as when it is man made. I do worry about the wildlife though.
It could have been Renee, you never know :-).Love.xoxo

Anonymous said...

That was very cool getting to hear your voice.

Lubna said...

It was great to hear you. Thanks for taking us on this walk.

becky said...

Perfect! Absolutely lovely & looks so peaceful & secluded :)

Lori ann said...

That was such a treat, I loved seeing where you walk and run and your dog and the mountains.Even though it's hazy, i can see its gorgeous.
And hearing your voice was the best.
xo lori