Thursday, June 24, 2010


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Okay, here is the deal. I was all set to have a little painting sale (see above paintings) and I was going to give 75% of the money to these lovely people who are helping with the animal rescue
in the Gulf. Then last night I got a call that my mom has had a stroke, and now I need some money to get home. My mom is okay, but she is going to be needing me when she gets home which could be weeks or longer, we just don't know much yet, she has my brothers and her boyfriend, but sometimes you just need your daughter. My mom has had a very rough couple years and I have not been home for over a year, it is time. I will be needing an A+ pet sitter first and then I will find a way to make it happen. Every little bit of cash helps. I am going to need about a thousand dollars to make it there.
The top painting is 8"x 8", Venetian plaster and collage and pigment: $125+12.00 for shipping
Next down is 8"x 8", Venetian plaster and pigment:$225 + 15.00 for shipping
3rd down is 5"x 5", Venetian plaster and acrylics: $99 + 10.00 for shipping
Last one is 8"x 8", Venetian plaster and acrylics: $175 + 12.00 for shipping, I set the prices for less than half than what they would be at the gallery (galleries take 50%, a lot of people don't know that) and also the price reflects the amount of time I have in each one. I will give half of all the sales here. The rest will fund my trip. If any of you are interested please leave a comment or email me. I can do it through pay pal or take a check and if you want more photos or more info I can email you. Also know that if you don't want a painting that is okay too, but I would ask for your prayers and good thoughts. I will keep you all updated.
P.S. If you buy anything in my ETSY shop in the next week I will give 10% to
P.S.S. I was inspired by Lori!
Blessings. Love. XOXO


Anonymous said...

All good thoughts coming your Mum's way. It is lovely that you are planning to use your art to help others.

studio lolo said...

Oh Annie, how awful that you have this issue. And to have to leave your boys is HUGE for you, I know. But your mother is your mother.

I haven't worked in a year, otherwise I'd send you some cash in a heartbeat but I'm struggling as well.

I will definately keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers though.

Stay strong.
Love, Lo♥

Robin said...

I know you KNOW my financial situation... I, too, have been out of work for over a year now - or I would be there pet-sitting and helping you financially....

I am sending the best, most positive thoughts......


♥ Robin ♥

angela recada said...

Sending you all the positive energy I can muster, and sending healing energy your mother's way, as well.

I'm not working at anything that pays me $, either, or I'd send you whatever I could in a millisecond, dear friend. I wish I could sit for your boys so you wouldn't have to worry.

Keep those positive thoughts - I know something will come your way so you can visit your mom and help her in her recovery. I just know it.

I love you,

Annie said...

Melanie-Thank you! xoxo
Lo-Yes, this is all really hard, but spirit gives me grace. All will be well. Sending prayers is a wonderful way to help. No worries about the money! xoxo
Robin-I know and you have already helped many times, again, no worries, prayers and love are great.xoxo
Angela-I know sweetie and your love and prayers are enough.xoxo

ExtraO said...

I'm sorry that your mom is having these health problems. I have no doubt that you'll find a way to get yourself to her. Good luck!!

Lori ann said...

dear annie, i am in the same boat having just spent the last of my birthday money. i'll be thinking all positive thoughts for you and your mum too. i don't know you well yet, but from what i do, i know you'll be okay, everything will work out.
i really love your paintings, they are so full of happiness and life.
♥ lori

~Babs said...

Annie, I am so SORRY about your Mom!
Where does she live?
Prayers and best wishes are what I have to send you,, and your Mom. Prayers will get you there,,,,as my one thin dime wouldn't.
I'm expecting miracles for you,,they come in many forms.

Kate P said...

Sorry to hear about your mom--wishing her the best in her recovery.

If there's anybody lurking out there who is on the fence about buying a painting, I have one and I love it. You will have something beautiful and joyful for your home!

Annie said...

EOM-Yes, I will!xoxo
Lori-You inspired me and that is a great thing! Thank you for your kind words and prayers, all is always well :-). xoxo
Babs- Thank you for your lovely prayers, she lives in Portland oregon. Miracles abound. xoxo
Kate-You are a doll, I am so glad you love your painting!I am so glad you have one!xoxo
Angela-You are the most wonderful woman for buying the two wall hangings,I appreciate you!

kj said...

you know i ache to read this. i wish i could just buy a ticket for you. so often i think that money is not important until it is important. but i know your faith, your grit, annie. and i am a Mother. i want you to be with your Mother if she needs you and you need to be there. i am thinking...


Annie said...

Kj, I will get there, never fear.
Many people are thinking :-). My main thing right now is finding someone to care for my boys. Spike has picked this week to stop eating, so I have to deal with that first. Deal with what is in my face, now, one step at a time.
Spirit's grace rides with me. Make medicine from pain is my motto.
No worries friend, I am doing okay.
Love. xoxo P.S. The money will come...

sukipoet said...

Im so sorry about your mom. it is so distressing to be so far away from mom's when they are not well. on top of that the boys are not well too. its complicated to work through leaving them when they are needing so much care. Sending prayers for you mom and for you. love, suki

Erin Davis said...

Annie, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. I know she's been through a lot already. I wish I could afford a painting right now. I'm sending lots of prayers and love your way. You're such a generous soul--I hope the universe shows you the way.

Jos said...

Annie I will pray, all the while wishing I had money so as to buy your wonderful art, or more importantly to buy you a ticket to see your mom. I will pray though. Every day. xx Jos

Annie said...

Erin ,
Jos-Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. xoxo

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