Sunday, January 4, 2009


I made it home last night. My first day back has been eventful.
First I drove in the above blizzard to the store because I had nothing to eat. Then I discovered my oven is broken (just as I was about to heat up my dinner). Last but not least, as I was putting things away in my closet I discovered a very large dead mouse. I discovered this in my work room closet, a room only one cat (Mr. B) is allowed to come in. He also eats special food which I feed him in that room, so the other cats don't steal it from him. Only thing I can imagine happened is that B killed him and left him there, otherwise I have no idea how the mouse expired. Any ideas?
Before my Be Brave days I would have run and called on a neighbor to take the mouse away(yes I was a wimp), but now I am brave and even though it was no fun, I was able to dispose of the mouse myself. Of this I am most proud :-). I have much to catch up with and many blogs to visit.
I have a bunch of photos of my trip to share and I will start posting them this week. I am glad to be home, but I miss my family very much and I am very sad today. It is sometimes hard to move to the beat of your own drummer. XOXO


Unknown said...

Yippeee! You cleaned up the expired mouse but seriously no thank you, I won't be joining in anytime near in the future :D Well, at least we know Mr B is useful to some extend hehe..Oh dear, oven's broken..what about a stove, do you use one? We have both, with the oven collecting dust most of the time. Good that you're back and big clap for being brave!!

sukipoet said...

Glad you made it back and also safely through the blizzard. At one point when I was catless I had a lot of mice. Long story I wont go into. Of course, one can always scoop it up into a can or a dustpan using a stick to move it in and never really have to touch the poor creature. Be well, Suki

Em said...

Glad you had a nice time and made it back safely. Maybe the mouse was just old... any signs of injury that could have been inflicted by Mr B? Or did you not examine the mouse?

Sizzle said...

Dealing with a dead rodent is some brave stuff!

Lorie McCown said...

Not a fun homecoming..but I bet your pets were happy to see you! I know what you mean about missing family, we are split by the whole US..

Unknown said...

B. left you a present cuz he loves you:>) Welcome home honey!!

Annie Coe said...

M.Kate-I don't use the oven much either, but I want it to work when I need it :-(. Yes, Being brave is the best thing I have ever done :-).
Suki-I can't stand to look at a dead animal, let alone touch one, so I covered it in papertowels and used two pieces of cardboard to lift it to the trash bag. Yuck :-).
Em-Thanks. And NO I did not examine the mouse :-).
Sizzle-Yes, for me it was very brave, others I know have no problems doing it.
Lorie- That would be way worse. I feel for you being so far from family.
Shiney-:-). Thanks, XOXO

willowtree said...

Welcome home!! Sorry the homecoming wasn't a little more enjoyable.