Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hopes, Dreams and Goals for 2009

I am very late with this, but have not had a moment to do it until now. I don't make resolutions, but I do have some dreams for the year.
1. Be a kinder, less judgemental person. There is always room for improvement.
2. Finish my book!
3. Get way better with the ceramics.
4. Do the large painting that has been lurking in my mind for months.
5. Challenge myself with my running, run faster and further.
6. Stay in the NOW.
7. Find a nicer, more friendly home, bigger would be better. Be it here or on the Oregon coast, I have not decided.
8. It would be nice to meet a man I could be with for the rest of my life. Or not :-).
9. Start really selling my art!
10. Make more time to do the things I really love to do.
11. Go to Paris.
That is the list for now, I am sure I will add things throughout the year. This weekend I get to
paint, or work in clay, or work on the book. I have so many choices I am not sure what to do :-).
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! XOXO


Unknown said...

I feel like a slacker in my resolutions--I put in things like "drink more water." But I can totally get into Going to Paris.

willowtree said...

That's quite a varied list, hopefully you'll have some success. I would say your number on item is actually your number one item because frankly, judgemental people are bloody idiots.

sukipoet said...

These are all such wonderful things. I'd love to go to Paris too and find a sweet man. Here or there. Hmmm, hope you can choose one or two to pursue this weekend. (Paint, clay or book) Have fun.

Unknown said...

Good list Annie, I'd list mine too but more often, it never happened for me. BUT, you'll do well with your determination. Yes, GO PARIS, its magical :D

Lorie McCown said...

Wow, that' a load! Your are very ambitious! Good luck with your wishes..Go to Paris, you'll love it. A city filled with art..I've tagged you on my blog! Take a look...

robin laws said...

your resolutions are mind boggling to me! i was just contemplating that i may have to scale mine back if i don't want to feel like the biggest loser of 2009... i hope you had a creative weekend annie

Annie Coe said...

Shiny-Drinking more water is important, I will add it to my list
WT-Yes, they are, but isn't that a judgement too?
Suki-Let's go to Paris :-).
M.Kate, Lorie and Robin-I am just dreaming, but some of these things will get done for sure, like the book, painting and ceramics along with the running and being kinder. The rest is up to the Gods :-).

The Ginger Darlings said...

Don't run too fast!
jackie and the gingercats

mermaid said...

I wish you much understanding and fun in reaching whichever goals you may this year.

willowtree said...

Annie - yes, it was a joke.

Annie Coe said...

Ginger Darlings-I won't, there is no worry of that :-). Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving a comment.
WT- I knew that, :-), everything is a joke with you!