Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Eliezer received his painting today,(see post from a few days ago) and I wanted to share with you the lovely email he sent me:
It came today Annie...I LOVE IT! Even better in person! Maybe someday I'll even meet YOU in person! Anyway, it's beautiful and the proverbial check is in the mail...Love,Eliezer
It makes me feel good to know that someone I admire so much as Eliezer has one of my paintings and that he enjoys it. I was having a sort of down day (darn hormones) and his email cheered me a lot. That's it for now. XOXO


Unknown said...

Annie, anyone who receives any of your art will be happy, though I am kinda unlucky here...still not here, but never mind, I have you as friend and that's what matters.

sukipoet said...

So lovely he loves your painting. Yes, must be such a lift to your spirits.

Annie Coe said...

M.Kate-I had a freind I sent a present to at christmas time and she did not receive it until Valentine's day! So, I have not given up on your gift arriving, but if it does not show up in the next couple weeks, I am sending another :-).XOXO
Suki-Yes, it was a big uplift :-).

Laura Doyle said...

Sending you happy thoughts so today goes better for your hormones. ; ) I can relate.

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful Annie that it arrived in time for his words to cheer you up.