Friday, January 23, 2009

Random thoughts...

This morning I woke up with a migraine. I don't get them often but I really hate them. This one was the worst I have ever had. I have a few secrets to getting rid of them in about 4 hours, I wish it were faster, but some people I know have them for a couple days, so 4 hours is pretty good. It does not go completely away, but it is manageable. I had a bunch of errands to do, so set out a bit later than I expected to, due to the migraine, I was feeling a little sorry for myself when I saw a man walking on crutches in the snow(thank god it was not freezing today), he had only one leg. When I saw him I felt so grateful for my body and my life. It is so easy to moan about what I don't have, but today as most days I was reminded of how much I do have.
Here in Taos it warmed up a bit and all that snow is now melting and making MUD, lots and lots of mud. No use washing the car for a while :-).
I completed my commission piece and will show photos in the next couple days. I hope Eliezer will like it...
I need a new book to read and I would love some suggestions. Please help.
That is about all for now, I don't know about you, but I am still on an Obama high, it is making me think I may want Television again :-).
Happy Friday. XOXO


Laura Doyle said...

Nothing like a good kick-in-the-pants-guy-in-crutches to remind you to be grateful for your legs, not to mention the rest of everything else. ; ) I'm not being glib, totally serious. I do hope you are feeling better though. If one of your four hour secrets doesn't already involve feverfew, that works wonders as well.

As for books, I can suggest many, but I'm unsure of your taste.

Any Christopher Moore book is good for a laugh (fiction).

Henry Miller books are ingenious yet misanthropic.

The diaries of Anais Nin are just lovely but more musings than story.

Alan Lightman's 'A Sense of the Mysterious' is a good blend of science and the human spirit. Several bite size essays/stories.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel is fantastic fiction! (but don't forget to read the introduction)

Robert Fulghum writes beautifully about simplicity. (Also single serving size.)

The Cider House Rules and A Widow For One Year by John Irving are also excellent.

Okay, I hope I haven't inundated you. Have a wonderful migraine-free weekend!

Annie Coe said...

This is so cosmic, but I just left a comment on your blog ;-) and then came and found your comment on mine. Too cool. Thanks for the book list I have read many of them already(LOVE the Anais Nin diaries). Thanks for leaving a comment, glad you are here. XOXO

Unknown said...

Hello Annie, certainly hope the migrane goes away. I read a motivational book once that say, "I complained about my shoes until I saw a man with no legs," and that was really a huge slap on zeee face, but a good one. Hugs for the weekend my good friend.

sukipoet said...

Hi Annie. Sorry about the migraine but yes I have heard that people often suffer for days, so four hours ins brief. I just finished "Revolutionary Road" by Richard Yates. This is a grim book about a marriage and ends very sadly so not sure it this is to your taste. It was quite engrossing and well written and for me, I'd say an excellent book. Do you like page turner escape books but with some literary merit? Jodi Picoult has written many books and some of hers are excellent for quick reads and escape. She lives not far from me in NH.

I too love Anais Nin. Read many yrs ago.

Annie Coe said...

M.Kate-Big hugs to you too.
Suki- Thanks for the recommendation. My favorite books are ones that have a great story, but are also really well written,
I love poetry in all things, books and art and life.

Anonymous said...

Have you read any Charles De Lint? His Newford stuff is very good. I think Moonlight and Vines short stories might be a good place to start if you haven't read his stuff before. Blue Girl won a lot of awards recently.

Sorry to hear about your migraine. I get them too. "4 Head" swipe stick with peppermint oil helps as well as meds.

Eliezer Sobel said...

Hey Annie,

Two of my favorite works of fiction of the last ten years are:

Songs of the Butcher's Daughter by Peter Manseau


Minyan: Ten Jewish Men in a World That is Heatbroken by Eliezer Sobel

:) E.