Monday, January 5, 2009

Photos from Oregon

Oregon coast, the love of my life :-).

Taken from the air, I think it is Mt. Hood.

Another air photo, not sure where we were at this point.

Still sick, I think I have a sinus infection, or a cold, it is hard to tell...I don't feel like writing, but wanted to share some photos from my trip. I will share some more tomorrow. I am working on my 2009 list of things to do, will share soon...Happy Monday. XOXO
You ask why this post looks so goofy?
Your guess is as good as mine, thank you blogger.


J.R. Johansson said...

I absolutely love your pictures! It's just beautiful. Thanks for putting these on here!

Unknown said...

Poor Annie, still not well..take lots of chicken soup..I'll pop over with some if we were nearer, have lots of rest and hope you'll get much better.

The beach...ah..I miss them terribly :(

and those pictures from air is just beautiful. Stay warm there, beautiful :D

Em said...

I've never been to Oregon... the coast picture is beautiful.

Yoli said...

Annie I hope you feel better soon pretty girl!

sukipoet said...

So sorry you are still sick. Take it easy and pamper yourself. All that stress of the holiday and getting yourself there and so forth. Weakened immune system. Gorgeous photos.

Julie said...


I hope you feel better soon. Get some rest.

Lisa said...

Thanks for connecting even when you don't feel like it. I so understand that. Welcome home. Love your pics.

robin laws said...

goodness me annie these are simply beautiful images.. i love from the air ones. sigh... wonderful!! oh i do hope that when i move up to the next two days i will find you feeling better :)