Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Many bloggers that I visit have picked a word for the new year. I could not limit it to one, or even two, I have 3 words.
Freedom means everything to me, when I feel limited or stuck I wiggle like a fish on a hook. I need freedom like I need food and water. This is the year I intend to get free from the need to work for others. This is the year I get to be so free that I can do what I love to make my money, now that is total freedom.
Being kinder is always a goal and one that I feel is more and more important as I grow older.
How we treat others is really how we treat ourselves.
We all want more joy in our lives. Last year was a hard one for me and I have noticed I have let joy slip away. I want it back and I intend to do many more things that bring me joy than I have been doing. Things like spending more time with friends and family, Putting my art making first instead of always getting to it after I do everything else. Spending more quiet time just watching the birds or reading a good book. Making homemade veggie soup and watching a good movie.
Simple stuff.
What is your word, or words for the year?


Lorie McCown said...

Love, plain and simple..all else stems from that. About the art making, I was the same a while back, always having it be after all else is done, or the 'mood' hit me..Until I designated a specific day, mine was Friday, to devote exclusively to art, no computer,no phone, no errands.. it wasn't getting done. I recommend the dancer Twila Tharp's book on creativity, "The Creative Habbit". I thought much better than Julia Cameron's least for me..good luck!

ExtraO said...

I'd like "freedom" to be my number one word as well.

sukipoet said...

Nice words and wonderful focuses for your year ahead. May you find what you seek. I have that Twyla Tharp book. I posted abt my word but I'll repeat it here for yr other readers: open.

Unknown said...

Great post Annie, I love and need all your 3 words..freedom, joy and kindness. However, if I have to sum up everything in one will be hope. Whatever it is, as long there's hope..itw worth waiting, doing...whatever :D

I am sure all your wishes will come true :D

Annie Coe said...

Lorie M.-Yes,love is all and I think it is standing tall in all my words as well :-).
Dawn- Nice to hear from you!
Suki-Open is a wonderful word!
M.Kate-Hope, where would we be without it?!

Nihal said...

If no PEACE, there is no LOVE.
If no PEACE, there is no HUMANITY.

Unknown said...

Am I really the first to pick Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

That is shagilicious:>)

Anonymous said...

I hope to keep my promises to myself (4th Jan). I hope that the world can recover from this recession before it hurts lots of people. I hope that I can become a better person.

mermaid said...

Annie, I like your choices. I think I am liking:
Loving Kindness